• Russian Battle Bots Team Continues The Carnage With New Rainbow Bot

    A few months ago, we reported on a Russian battle bots team tearing up the competition with their bladed "Pinkie Pie" bot. These guys have continued to rock the pony and built a brand new one with improved everything for future events. Unfortunately for trademark reasons, they've had to remove the direct pony stuff, but they are still piling on the rainbows and wearing pony clothing.

    The new bot can be seen over here, and the next season of Battle Bots starts on Friday, June 7th on Discovery channel, where it will be making it's big debut. For now, the testing phase of this one can be found over on their instagram.

    We also have a short video below the break with it.

    Hopefully they have good luck!

    Thanks to BliSer and molepeter for sending it.