• Price of Fear Release and More From The Creators of AnterFold

    The ever productive team behind the AnterFold series has another game out for fans! Based on an old 2008 Half-Life 2 mod it has evolved into what it is today and is another horror style pony game to add to the library of Flaundflare Studios.

    Get all of the info after the break!

    Price of Fear is the progenitor of all pony horrors. Founded in 2008 as Half-Life 2 mod and got pony version in 2011. It was abandoned by personal problems, but in 2019 with returning original creator LigS, Price of Fear has re-born and with him was born a new genre Nightmare Horror. Realism, hardcore, tensity and without mercy.

    With Price of Fear, the game engine got several changes which expand our possibilities and creates new instruments which in the future will come in handy. At first, it's a new restart system which takes 2-3 seconds without closing the game and earlier you should have been launching the game from the launcher by each death of the character. Now, this doesn't need anymore. Also, updated FoA Control has fixed our old errors. But Run as Administrator can't be fixed, so as before for proper work you need to set it manually.

    The second news, from May we begin the Reinforce Wave. Reinforce is mean remakes, remasters. In fact, the common goal is to update games to Price of Fear standard and rid them from old problems. Still, Reinforce can have different effects.

    Games which exactly will get Reinforce are Silent Falleym 1 and 2. The destiny of others is unknown if we won't accept the decision to them about Reinforce. They will get deleted forever.

    Anyway, as always thanks for support!

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