• Pony Community Soapbox #140 - Don't Like Horses, Equine Hybrids, and Forgotten Pies

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    Headlines this week:

    • That scroll from Dragon Quest
    • CBC vs MLP
    • The Forgotten Pies
    • Equine Hybrids in Equestria
    • Stop Thinking I like Horses

    And get your soapboxes below!

    That scroll from Dragon Quest
    By: FlareGun45

    Alright, this hasn't interested me till now. This is probably nothing - but there's still a chance for an answer!

    Remember that scroll Spike got in Dragon Quest that Garble read but then burnt it up, then Twilight said, "That coulda been something important!" Yeah... what exactly did it say? It really coulda been something important, especially to Spike's story arc - maybe from his relationship with the dragons, or something else? I dunno. Regardless though, there MAY BE a chance that we could get an answer! I know Spike's story arc is leading to SOMETHING, and I got the feeling that scroll might get Spike closer to whatever his potential destiny may be. YES, I know, Spike is happy where he is, I know what you're gonna say, but it still COULD happen! :P Even if he is happy with his friends, that's not the only place he'll be happy.

    Another user on EQD (yunno who are, thanks for heads-up!) brought up an interesting point to me! Was that scroll from Celestia herself? It may have been from the OFFICE of CELESTIA, but was it her? We know it's for Spike, but someone coulda been using her scrolls and her outbox to send Spike a message! If Spike still doesn't know what it says, then it couldn've been Celestia that sent it, because she woulda told him in person!

    Like I said, this is probably nothing - but if it IS something, it's something big! Are your curious at all in any way about this strange mystery that seems like a gag, but could mean something serious? This show has been misleading before many times, like I said on my previous soapbox!

    CBC vs MLP
    By Will

    A recent news report by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation singledout MLP:FIM as a show aimed at girls that focuses on using magic as asolution over Math and Science. Lets set the record straight. Mostgirls show across the globe deal with magical girls/females in oneform or another. Even the main girl character of Sesame Street (whichthe report praised because of an Autistic character on the show) is amagical girl. The reason why MLP was singled out along with PawPatrol as a negative example is that both kids shows are popular andco-made in Canada and naturally the CBC wanted to use Canadianexamples in the report. That said, I actually got into MLP:FIM onepisodes where Magic failed and reliance was placed on empathy orindividuality. Therefore, my case to the CBC is that there areepisodes where magic was not the final solution to the problem eventhough MLP can be considered a magical girl/female show.

    Fandom influence
    By: indiana

    In my last soapbox I talked about how GOT most probably influenced MLP to an extent but I think I would be doing a great injustice to all of the shows and movies out there by saying that because in fact this show has been influenced by a lot of other shows for the past 9 years and I believe that is a very good thing. What is maybe a mixed bag is the other way this show was influenced. The MLP fandom. Some may think that we have no say in where the show is going but I believe those people are wrong. We do have a say in it. We always did but no one person ever did it. It was always like a flow because it was always a collective voice. The show incorporated a lot of our requests(both good and bad ones) into the later seasons especially. It went past season 3 because the fans asked for it and they got it. The show decided to end at 9 season for the same reason. The fans asked for it. They wanted for the show to end while it was "still good" and they got it. Be careful what you wish for because somebody may be listening when you don't expect them to and you may not actually like it after your wish was granted. I don't know what the future holds for G4 but I do believe that if the fans ask for it, there will be a G4.5 airing in the future with the G4 character cast and same animation but also with the the much requested time skip into the future.

    The Forgotten Pies
    By: Jason D

    I am tired of Maud Pie, who was retconned into the series from some chapter book no one ever read, being overrepresented in the context of Pinkie's family at the expense of her other sisters: Limestone and Marble, who have been with us from the start.

    The show following "Hearthbreakers" could have allowed the two the chance to grow their characters. They had multiple seasons to give us some insight to explore why Limestone is so miserable, or expand Marble's personality other than extreme shyness. Marble is the most unfortunate one, as her silent character meant we couldn't understand her character as well as Limestone, who at least turned out to be jealous and miserable, and her little ship tease was barely mentioned at all, apart from that one scene in "BGE" that was supposed to be more scenery than anything else.

    MLP crew, give all the Pie sisters some equal love and give the rest of the sisters a chance too. Maud already gets VIP treatment enough as it is. Pinkie, don't have the nerve to consider a character with virtually no backstory or buildup your favorite sibling over characters with already established fanbases.

    Equine Hybrids in Equestria

    In Equestria, ponies and donkeys certainly do interbreed with each other.

    The most common equine hybrids, who have a pony mother and donkey father, are mules. They can have an Earth pony, unicorn, or pegasus for a mother, but never have wings, horns, or cutie marks.

    Hybrids with donkey mothers and pony fathers (hinnies) are rarer than mules but do have cutie marks and can be born with a horn or wings if their fathers were unicorns or pegasi.

    Mules and hnnies are usually sterile but rarely female hybrids can interbreed with pure ponies or donkeys and give birth to second-generation hybrids.

    In the past, donkeys and hybrids were often stigmatized by ponies.

    Stop Thinking I like Horses
    By: Vansid

    I love MLP, but one thing that drives me nuts is how much people seem to think it instantly makes me like regular horses in real life. They are large, smelly, ugly, and pretty dumb. Yet any time someone finds out I love My Little Pony, they think it's horses too. I've gotten horse gifts for christmas. People always point to horses when I'm out with them and say "Oh look X! It's your favorite animal!". I DON'T LIKE HORSES.

    These don't look like horses. They are more like cats. With hooves. I hate everyone.