• Leaked English Episodes, Early Releases, and EQD

    As many of you have discovered by now, the entire first half of the season is already out in English. Turns out the Italian version has an Ondemand service that also included English dubs. 90% of the time, someone pops them in the comments here, so they aren't at all hard to find. We police what we can, but EQD isn't going to start nuking entire comment chains for something that is technically an official release.

    For spoilers, I'll do my best to make sure they are noted in Drawfriend and other art posts. If it's subtle enough I probably won't notice though. Some concepts from these episodes have already been drawn based on the MLP comics and books, so if you are avoiding spoilers, you wouldn't know the difference anyway. This includes characters. If it's a blatant episode plot spoiler, it will be hidden, but characters from upcoming episodes interacting isn't something we will go after unless it is a brand new, never before seen one.

    It sucks that we don't get fandom-wide celebrations every Saturday since many are watching early, but we can still have plenty of fun with it. We will cover early official channel releases, along with the usual US Discovery Family ones. Hopefully part 2 of the season will be more traditional, but at this point I'm pretty sure Hasbro couldn't care less.

    Anyway, on with the pone! This season is rockin' it so far, so we have plenty to celebrate despite the chaotic release schedule.