• Endeavor Fund's Anti-Bullying Charity Drive - Art, Music, and More for Donations Continues!

    Endeavor has been going strong as it raised over $700 in its quest to help combat bullying! The streams are still continuing this weekend so if you are looking to donate and get some cool stuff, check on after the break for more details.

    Hello, everypony!

    We’re excited to make a few announcements and notes about the Endeavor Fund project.

    Firstly, we want to say we are blown away by your positive feedback and generosity! So far, our two livestreams have raised $717! Additionally, nine of the ten available $50 charm slots have been filled in the first weekend alone! In celebration, we will be adding in new special giveaways and exclusives, and adding FIVE MORE $50 charm slots! Of those, we only have two Moondrop charms left, so nab ‘em while they’re available! (The first people to donate $50 or more to Generations Against Bullying will receive one acrylic charm of one of our mascots!)

    For those who have requested their pieces livestreamed, stay tuned for our final streams this Friday and Sunday!

    We also are excited to announce that we have new Creatives joining us this upcoming weekend!
    New talents include:
           Cannibalistic Fawn, Design Lead for BABSCon and traditional artist
           CuttleDreams, Concept illustrator and BABSCon design staff
           Itssopanda, Digital artist and BABSCon design staff
           PucksterV, Livestreamer and digital artist
           V-Pony, Fanfiction writer
           WickedSketchStudios, Digital artist and BABSCon design staff

    Interested? Please check out our About Page for more details!

    Our next livestreams will begin this Friday at 5 PM CDT (10 PM UTC), and on Sunday from 12-3 PM CDT (5-8 UTC). Join our livestream here: https://picarto.tv/midnightpremiere

    You can get more updates on our Discord here (https://discord.gg/74haTdk), and our Twitter page (https://twitter.com/endeavorfund).
    We hope to see you all there!

    “In times like these, we must band together.”

    Twitter: Calpain