• Brony Anthem Music: Forest Rain - Brony Pride [Rock Ballad]

    After Proud to be a Brony and Great to be Different, another musical anthem for our fandom family sees the light of day, by none other than Forest Rain! Part of her new Discovery album, this relatable, warm and emotional beauty of a song works perfectly to bring that family spirit anew. There's just so much emotion to be had with the gorgeous instrumental, the lyrics evoking our own feelings for ponies and each other, and the soft vocals taking us in their embrace like a tight hug. Once again, let us remember that we will always be united as a family... and proud to be bronies!! I love you all my brothers and sisters, I really do! What I wrote in my first comment on a pony video ever when I became a brony in February 2014, is still true to this day, and will be forever! (Edit: Copy-paste the URL of the link in a new window or tab for it to work)