• Tanks for the Memories Music: Spikey Wikey - Shining Free [House]

    Rejoice everypony, for Spikey Wikey aka Tacos crafted a new original song in reponse to S05E05 Tanks for the Memories! Also known as the founder of Cider Party, my beloved teammate got inspired by the emotion from the impactful episode and responded with a blissful House track that makes amazing use of samples from both dialog lines from the episode and vocals from the memorable song I'll Fly that moved the whole community. Released on pony House promotional channel PonyChord, the chill yet bouncy song is as lovely as it is bringing back that emotion from the episode in beautiful musical ways. I'm looking forward to future musical projects from Spikey! In the meantime feel free to check out his album Sony Vegas is Best Pony, full of many wonders!