• Star Swirl vs Grogar Epic Electronic/Rock Fusion Music: UndreamedPanic - Grogar The Creator (feat. PrinceWhateverer) [Dubstep/Metal]

    Boom! The title speaks for itself, but you will get blown away by this song anyway. Electronic music maestro UndreamedPanic and bringer of pony Metal PrinceWhateverer teamed up for an utterly sick fusion like we've been dreaming to get in the community. Growling vocals and guitar riffs are amping up the clean percussions and heavy Dubstep drops, for a crazy banger that defies expectations just like Grogar's dark magic is defying the strength of Star Swirl's spells in the story that UndreamedPanic imagined. Read more about it in the description on YouTube, and let the battle rage on!!