• Pony Community Soapbox #137 - Picky Fans, Grogar Recruiting Starlight, Student 6 Stealing Episodes, and More!

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    Headlines this week:

    • Why didn't Grogar recruit Starlight before she was reformed?
    • Return of Harmony MIGHT have shown the future!
    • Y'all are too picky
    • I wish the student 6 wouldn't take up episodes

    And get your soapboxes below!

    Why didn't Grogar recruit Starlight before she was reformed?
    by ShadowWriter45

    I know the real answer is the writers did not think that far ahead back then but this is more of an in universe question that needs to be asked. Depending on how much Grogar was watching the Mane 6 and the villains he would think to have gone after Starlight before she made her comback in the season 5 finale; stopped her before she tried her time travel plans. And we can't really say that he wasn't watching her because it's implied he has an all seeing eye thing that allowed him to watch every other villain. I don't think it's prejudice towards ponies (yet) since he did bring Cozy Glow in to his plans. However, he could have collected her sooner since her magic is arguably on par with Twilight's magic. Depending on what he plans to do in ruling Equestria, maybe Starlight wouldn't have been able to play a role in it. I guess really comes down to what we see him do with the other villains and determine if what he has planned for them would have applied to Starlight if he had recruited her long before the others.

    Return of Harmony MIGHT have shown the future!
    By: FlareGun45

    Rainbow Dash: "I hope I never see you again!"
    Fluttershy: "Me too!"
    Pinkie Pie: "Fine!"
    Rarity: "Fine!"
    Twilight Sparkle: "It's settled then."

    Remember that? That was back in the season 2 premiere when Discord showed Applejack a possible future of the Mane Six not wanting to be friends anymore! Of course that could be just a fake future created by Discord to curse AJ, but... what if that future is actually gonna happen? Discord was shown to be psychic quite a few times in the series! Either psychic or really clever in setting things up!

    Why do I think this future could still happen? Grogar knows the Mane Six's tricks! He knows the Mane Six work together which is how they win in the end! But the Mane Six outnumber the Legion of Doom, 6 to 4, so what if Grogar tries to break the Mane Six apart? If this happens, there will be nothing to stop him from ruling Equestria with his Legion! Or is there? ;) Once he has his bell he'll be unstoppable for sure - but if the Mane Six break apart, he'll believe that nothing will stop him! Only someone who knows the Mane Six very well can bring them back together again!

    Y'think this future is actually gonna happen? Only without the chaotic background?

    I wish the student 6 wouldn't take up episodes
    By: Corgo

    With only a season remaining it's really disheartening to see the focus isn't entirely on the ponies that started it all. I don't hate the student 6, but I feel like they've already had their spotlight. I went to spend our final season with the mane 6. At the very least team them up with a mane pony so it's not entirely focused on them. Even Starlight would be good since I've really grown to love her. We don't have enough time with these guys to grow the same familiarity, and trying to bumrush 6 of them into 2 seasons is definitely taking up a lot of opportunity for more of who we love.

    My ideal season would be mane 6 and starlight with some of those old single event ponies that seem forgotten. Zecora especially.

    Y'all are too picky 
    By: Steven

    I came back at the middle of season 8 after a few year break. Your all so picky now. I feel like I'm living a simpsons episode with all of the characters replaced by the Comic Book guy. Lighten up would ya? I thought maybe it was an EQD thing, but even instagram is a cluster of bitching lately. I don't remember it being this bad back in the twitter ponies days.  Just enjoy the show for what it is. Not every scene needs to be picked apart and compared to past seasons. If there is one thing you should not expect from My Little Pony at this point, it's continuity. It never promised that.