• MLP RPG Music: CisumClassic - Location Themes (Part 1) [Soundtrack]

    It is here, the first batch of field themes from CisumClassic, inspired by a dream MLP RPG! Each of the tracks appearing in the video is meant to be played as a BGM in the imagined game, while controlling the protagonist and their party and exploring those locations. Skip to 00:23 to find the first field theme (the main menu theme was posted the other day), and prepare for one crazy journey in Equestria! Giving life to places such as Appleloosa, the Breezie Village, Chrysalis' Lair, Dodge Junction, or classics such as Canterlot and Cloudsdale, CisumClassic certainly impresses with spot-on OST tastes and inspirations that made him compose such melodic, progressive, and delightful BGM tracks to the RPG gamer's ears and soul. The field themes all pertain to the different places so well, all while not falling into clich├ęs and providing unique atmospheres with the use of drums and choirs to name a few. And so you've got a very regal and emotional theme for Cloudsdale, a fashionable theme for Dodge Junction, or an Everfree Forest theme that features vocals sounding like Luna's lament from the past, making for the perfect BGM to have during the exploration of the forest in the S1 premiere! Coming up with all those themes is so commendable and CisumClassic did such a perfect job, I wish for more OST wonders from the musician!