• I Went To The Season 9 Hollywood Premiere plus a GIFT GIVEAWAY

    Yep a giveaway! I have some swag from the Season 9 Hollywood Premiere EQD got invited to. Me being the anti-social one not going to WhinnyCity with the rest of the crew, I decided to book an AirBnB, request time off, and catch a plane to Los Angeles, the city of alicorns, to watch what you guys just got done watching  during a fun evening of popcorn, candy, show staff and their kids, your favorite VAs, a panel hosted by Meghan McCarthy and more.

    Join me below for my evening on the red carpet and chance to snag a goodie bag.

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    On our way to the premiere! We stayed at a place a few blocks from Sunset Boulevard. Billboards everywhere for all sorts of movies and shows.

    I'll spare you my bad shot of the crowded entry of The London Hotel.

    Okay so there was a noticeable lack of red carpet but if my pony shirt was indication the valet knew I was there for the premiere. The London's lobby was full of show staffers, there kids and one or two child Youtube celebrities. I ended up meeting Josh Haber who brought his son and his friend.

    As soon as the doors opened I ran into Nicole Oliver. She might have been the most stylish person there.

    Friendship is magic right so I brought along my good friend Star Shield. Snuck a pick with Pinkie once all the kids had theirs.

    They had all the celebs there. Rarity knows I like to dress in style.

    One of the cool things about this premiere was all the PR staff were genuinely happy to see I was there. It's great to know even though the end is near Hasbro still likes our money considers us true fans.

    Hasbro laid out a nice spread for us complete with large candy bars further down the table. The kids were ecstatic and some of the poor parents had to stop them from taking the pony toy decorations.

    From here we filled into the screening room, had a brief intro from a Hasbro representative who hyped the whole season, especially episode 200, and the show began. By now you know it was great opener!

    What I couldn't get a picture of was everyone singing along to the intro. Even with the little bit of sadness of this being the beginning of the end, everyone was super excited.

    Here's a still of the Meghan McCarthy hosted panel at the end. I'm glad they posted the video so soon so I didn't have to type it up. Some silly and touching things were said. Go watch it later.

    After it was over I grabbed a last pick with some of the people who made Equestria the wonderful and fun place it was. For me these are people with which I've had interviews, drinks and even dinners with for the past 7 years. I wish them the best of luck in their future careers.

    After it was all over I headed back to my AirBnB with goodie bags in hand ready to sleep in and not get up for the world wide premiere.

    Speaking of goodie bags! Hasbro gave me a couple extra to give to you all! Complete with one of these:

    Want one? Just comment below and I'll randomly select 2 winners from the commenter! (US and Canada only please due to shipping )

    Edit: give away Twis being checked by TSA.