• EQD Screencap Event - 68 of Your Favorite Scenes in My Little Pony!

    That's a lot of screencaps and captions right there! You have all chosen your favorite scenes in the show. A few people send thumbnails over, but I've included them anyway. We might repeat this one after season 9 just to see how these oldschool episodes hold up. It's neat to read all of these responses and nostalgia about all the great moments in the show over the years.

    Head on down below the break for 68 scenes and why people loved them!

    1 The cutest scene in all of MLP!!! - Lionshy

    Art image 1
    The cutest and best scene in all of MLP. If happy adorable hugging pones don't make you smile then something is very wrong with you. Thousands and thousands of very different people, united over their love of a cute kid's cartoon show, is one of the most positive things to come out of this decade.

    2 Autumn Blaze - Shadowking58

    Art image 2
    It was a hard choice, there are so many great screencaps of Autumn Blaze but I eventually decided on this one because I felt like it accentuated her personality the best.Uplifting and cheerful, which is why she is the best Kirin!

    3 Pinkie Likes the Plot - Mighty-Muffins

    Art image 3
    Sometimes is the simplest things that are the most glorious and the fact the staff put this in the show is so random is was awesome.

    4 - Starlight For Princess

    Art image 4
    While there are so many moments I love, I had to pick the moment that hasn't been matched by anything else yet. The one moment that made me literally yell in excitement: The CMC getting their marks.

    No moment before or since was this satisfying, especially given the wait for it.

    5 Discord's Introduction - Dakota

    Art image 5
    To this day, I don’t think anything in the show has topped Discord’s introduction in the Return of Harmony. The vocal performance by John De Lancie walks a fine line between being humorous and intimidating, and I love how they delay the true reveal of Discord’s physical appearance by having him appear in the form of his stain-glass window depiction, slithering across the various windows like a snake as he makes a mockery of the Ponies. It's a brilliant little scene and an excellent introduction to the show’s most memorable antagonist. I’m not sure if I would call this my all time favourite scene (as it’s difficult to pick) but this was the first one that came to my mind.

    6 Dat Honesty - Matt

    Art image 6

    7 Trixie in the cannon - Brett

    Art image 7
    This is my favorite scene because a truly sorry Trixie is reaching out for her one friend for help. When Starlight shows back up and saves her friend, THAT shows why friendship is magic.

    8 Twilight Loses her Mind - Burt R. the Spirit Guide

    Art image 8
    Hee hee hee!

    10 - Thomas

    Art image 10

    11 - PoniesRUs

    Art image 11
    If you were to tell someone 10 years ago that this screencap came from an episode of My Little Pony, they'd think you were crazy. But yes, this screencap does in fact come from an MLP episode, specifically Slice of Life. As the 100th episode of the show, M.A. Larson went all out in writing the most insane and ridiculous story he could, and nowhere is that more apparent than the climax, which features DJ PON-3 and Octavia racing to Cranky and Matilda's wedding on a mobile DJ booth. Along the way they literally jump a shark, pick up many popular background ponies, and eventually run into the Twilight scepter, causing everyone on the booth to go flying. In the middle of all this chaos, we see a single live-action frame consisting of five members of the show staff wearing horse masks. It’s one of the most surreal things to ever come out of the show, yet it serves as the perfect reminder that this isn’t the girly, saccharine My Little Pony that your little sister watched in the 2000s.

    12 - Bluejay_1

    Art image 12
    Applejack is one of my favorite characters. Calm, brave, honest, lovable, don't forget southern! But this scene is one of the few in "Pony Point of View" where Applejack is seen as a scurvy scalawag. You can't help but laugh when she steers the boat to their doom while insanely laughing "YAR HAR HAR!"

    13 Fluttershy's Inner Strength - Dylan

    Art image 13
    I love this scene because it shows that Fluttershy can stand up for herself whenever she wants to. That's one of the qualities that I love about her. I also love her dress that Rarity designed for her.

    14 - Arthur

    Art image 14
    The moment I realised I fell in love with Pinkie and that I'd love her forever and ever.

    15 Twilight’s Birthday Celebration - Harwick

    Art image 15
    To me, this was such a sweetly triumphant moment as we got to see Twilight celebrating her birthday at a party surrounded by friends, likely for the first time ever. The sheer joy on her face makes it extra special, as this was back when she was a much more level headed (and some would say irritable) pony in season 2. The whole episode “Sweet and Elite� is a real treat, but seeing how far Twilight had come just warmed my heart at the time, and I’ve never forgotten it.

    16 Dash's Mishap (from Games Ponies Play) - Duke

    Art image 16
    One of my favorite laugh-out-loud moments from the show. Sadly, there's no audio to catch the sound of RD smacking the dome and her slide downward...

    17 Favorite MLP Screenshot - Metallic Roselle

    Art image 17
    Ocellus' account of the Hearth's Warming introduction to the Changeling Kingdom and adopted its various traditions literally. I love the idea of an Amelia Bedelia twist on everyday conventions and think it would have be a great episode on its own. Imagine if "Hearthbreakers" had Applejack and her family spend Hearth's Warming Eve with the Changelings. Her slow frustration building up as each tradition is botched from her point of view. Spending the night "fixing" everything so they can 'see how much better theirs could be,' Applejack makes every Changeling feel bad about doing something different. In the end, she realizes her mistake and helps to not only revert what she did, but participate with a new perspective.


    Art image 18
    Im choosing this scene because i really loves pony smiles. There are several scene that has cute smiles such as coco pommel or even twilight (which is my fav). But compare to this smile? No one can beat it. When the first time I saw it, i was like, OH MY GOD!! WHY THIS IS SO CUTE?!?! I'VE BEEN REPEATING IT FOR SEVERAL TIMES, BUT IT NEVER GET BORING!!! And thats just a little bit story about it. I'm really glad if you are choosing my submission. Thank You!

    19 Dashie in a Crazy Adventure - alviniscute

    Art image 19
    Rainbow Dash got roped up.... again. This time Quibble is bringing comedic value. Dash always gets lassoed. I always laugh!

    20 Pinkie Pancake Shark Attack - Jeff

    Art image 20
    My all time FAVORITE scene EVER!!!!

    21 - nemderogatorius

    Art image 21
    The feeling when you're trying to fix something, but it gets worse and worse each time you touch it and at the end, you're left with only one choice to save the world from the sprawling abomination: IT NEEDS TO BE CONDEMNED!

    22 Angel of the Night - DeadlyVodka

    Art image 22
    I want to keep short :) Her smile is very precious for me because she rarely smile ^^ Princess of the Night <3 span="">

    23 - Bardiel

    Art image 23
    Seeing the CMC finally succeed in getting their cutie marks was the first moment, the show brought tears of joy in my eyes.

    24 - Languorld

    Art image 24

    25 - Sophie

    Art image 25
    I like this episode from season 7 episode 19,
    because it's focus on the people suffer with hair loss, just like me in real life suffering with trichotillomania for 7 years and battling on .
    and the lesson on that episode is ''not everyone full of hair is perfect, just let the hair grow and then someday people like you, will get perfect with a full set of hair.

    26 All is Forgiven - Ocean Whirlpool

    Art image 26
    This is a moment we all wanted to see for a very long time. Sunset comes back to Celestia to heal old wounds. This was well worth the wait.

    27 The Sunset Shimmer and Princess Celestia Reunion - August

    Art image 27
    This moment was something i never thought we'd get a chance to see. when we first were introduced to Sunsets character in the first EQG movie, she became an instant favourite of mine and my respect for her as a character has only grown with each movie and short.
    after the first EQG movie i hoped that one day we would see her return to Equestria and reunite with her former teacher. i was not disappointed at all. it was beautiful, and i shed more than a few tears. that is why i am choosing this for my favourite Pony Scene.
    other options i considered were the song in The Perfect Pear and when Pear Butter got accepted into the apple family after gran pear forced her to choose.
    another highly considered screen capture was when the CMC got their Cutie marks, and AJ, RD and Rarity all told them how proud they were.

    28 The Scootalove begins - Rednbluescooter

    Art image 28
    "Sleepless in Ponyville, Season 3 Episode 6.
    Scootaloo finally gets her first episode and within it, got the love she truly deserves by her idol, and (in that moment) now, big sister. It's the episode that kicks off what should be considered one of the most purest bonds in the entire show."

    (Feel free to reword this however you like)

    29 A Moment Five Years In The Making - Glimmering Starlight

    Art image 29
    Is this the closest I'll ever come to feeling like a proud parent? Probably! When this moment happened I went from laying down in my bed to standing and cheering within two seconds. It's the only time in my life I can remember crying tears of joy. Go Crusaders!

    30 Princess Twilight Sparkle: EQD Screencap 2019 - TwiLily

    Art image 30
    When I was watching the show for the first time, I was an introverted bookworm who never thought she could make friends. And then, the pony I could see myself in became a princess. Perhaps one day I could also be a princess too! It gave me hope that I could do it as long as I kept trying to grow. I'm in a happier place now. Even if this event was controversial for some, it was the defining moment that made me a pegasister for life and a happier person overall. Eternally grateful for this moment and how far I've come since then. Behold Princess Twilight Sparkle indeed!

    31 Bada** Fluttershy - Devin

    Art image 31
    Season 1, Fluttershy hides behind her mane. Season 5, Fluttershy rides a reformed evil Angel Bunny into battle. Fearless she is!

    32 CMC Earning Their Cutie Marks - Nick

    Art image 32
    Their faces capture it all when I first saw this. Took me a full week for the complete shock to wear off.

    Cutie Mark Crusaders Forever!!!

    33 Rarity Investigates! - radiantian

    Art image 33
    Un épisode noir!
    Forever classic!
    Case closed!

    34 Human Twilight - indiana

    Art image 34
    Equestria Girls? Nah, forget about that. Twilight already knows how to human.

    35 - Anon

    Art image 35
    From What Lies Beneath. The rest of the Student Six are freaking out about being zapped to who knows where, but Silverstream just dances through a waterfall and pulls this face because she's too fantastic. I love it.

    36 Starlight Glimmer - Horceye

    Art image 36
    Look at this mesmerizing look of her, these beautiful eyes, how can you say no to that? This gaze pierces right through my soul... Starlight stop looking at me like this it's making me feel funny.

    37 Glimmy getting her own mission - deet0109

    Art image 37
    I like this scene because it shows the map expanding into non-Mane 6 missions for the first time. And who better than Starlight, often a more relatable and entertaining character than the desensitized Mane 6? Plus, all the facial expressions are hilarious.

    38 - Edward

    Art image 38
    My favorite pony is Rainbow Dash, and one of the reasons is because of how her attitude is handled. It is the moments where her bravado cracks that I look forward to in this show. While there have been many such moments, this episode hit pretty close to home.
    When I was young I did not like reading much, at least when it came to manuals and books. In the end my parents made family reading sessions where we'd take turns in reading a page or two, which got me to find the joy in reading.
    Why I chose this particular scene is, as said, I like it when Rainbow lets go, and in this case admits to something that would seem embarrassing to her.

    39 - Liscious

    Art image 39
    It was so hard to pick just one favorite scene! I decided to pick this one since it's one of the most memorable for me - the whole sequence was just so beautiful, it made me tear up, and the musical buildup was absolutely heavenly. The MLP Movie is still one of my favorite films~ <3 span="">

    40 Screenshot favorite scene - Jan0o

    Art image 40
    That's easy: The CMC's getting their cutie marks.
    It was the moment where I nearly startet to cry in the whole series.

    41 Sunset Shimmer and Princess Celestia reunion - Lobo Nox

    Art image 41
    Seeing Sunset and Celestia finally reunite was one of the best moments in the series, even though it was in EqG. Many fans have waited for this moment and have made fan art, fanfics, etc. over the years before the release of Forgotten Friendship.

    42 Apple Bloom Big Mac heartfelt moment - Wissle

    Art image 42
    I could not pick just one favorite scene so I picked one of my favorites that stands out for a specific reason, because it's so different from the norm:
    In FiM stallions are often used as slapstick characters for comic relief and little gags, they are often incompetent, stupid or completely dumbed down to fit the narrative.
    And then there's this deeply emotional and beautiful conversation that makes you REALLY feel for and with the stallion and his little sister. It's such a huge step away from the stallion status quo and I loved every second of that scene.

    43 Celestia's Ballad: Mentors, Memories, and "I'm Proud Of You's" - Lynx_Lovatic

    Art image 43
    "Celestia's Ballad" is so special to me because I have watched this show since I was in 3rd grade. I feel like I have grown alongside Twilight throughout the show. We both love reading books, we both have mentors, and we both have learned lessons and have amazing friends. I remember actually telling my teacher and mentor about the Ballad scene. I told her how I felt like I was Twilight, and she was Celestia. (This was when I was 11) I told her how I felt like I had grown so much, and that she was so proud of me, and she replied, "You HAVE grown!" What makes this song truly special for me, is that, when I was no longer her student, my mentor told me, "I'm so proud of you!" and Celestia's line, "..And all the ways you've made me proud of you.." really makes me tear up because my mentor now personally told me she was proud of me and all my accomplishments I had done since I was her student. Now, Everytime I listen to "Celestia's Ballad", I think of her and all the memories we've made.

    44 What am I hearing... - MumuChan

    Art image 44
    When Rainbows reacted to Pinkie's affection to her Yak horn...

    45 Choking the Chicken - Brick

    Art image 45
    Send the envelope bouncing all over the room, but still didn't break the envelope.

    46 Pinkie Pie's Sad Smile - MN

    Art image 46
    This image of Pinkie Pie smiling sadly really gets me because it really shows how touched she is but also sad at what is happening very well.

    47 - Pink-Pone

    Art image 47
    my last two braincells on the night of an exam

    48 S5-E15 Rarity Investigates. - Granpapony

    Art image 48
    S5 E15, Rarity Investigates is my pick for favorite screenshot. I feel that only FiM would be daring enough to feature a nod to film noir and the fabulous fashions of the era. The segments in black and white along with the pony playing the muted trumpet during the scenes adds an extra few jewels to Rarity's alluring veil.
    A super fun episode for the fandom!

    49 Twilight KAMEHAMEHAAAA! - Mango Island

    Art image 49
    As you can tell, it's Twilight, blasting what looks like powerful magical energy on Tirek, a la Dragon Ball Z! Dang, this is friggin' action-packed, still think this is for little girls now?

    50 Therapy is magic. - Kalecgos Wes

    Art image 50
    Scootaloo could of been flying this whole time. Unfortunately after the first "Twilight Time" left some deep emotional "I-ain't-flying-in-the-same-air-as-ball-popping-purple-power-pony". A chickin' is created, not born. She love that ball.
    (wasn't sure how to correctly use the url for YouTube but here is the link of the idea I made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8IY-okO8kY&list=PLLhRsN0mFUso892QzXzm4whGCPDB6Btd3&index=23 )

    51 Starlight accepting Twilight's friendship. - NintenCano

    Art image 51
    This scene moved me a lot during my days of depression.
    You may feel personally hurt by a bad experience in the past but the people who really care about you will give you a hand to help you.

    You can only get out of that 'hole' if you accept their help and friendship.

    52 - Nick

    Art image 52
    Magical Mystery Cure, MLPFiM's first definitive episode in itself, has no shortage of screenshot-worthy moments, but this one stands out even among them - the majestic scene that both summarizes the historical change and documents the moment when this change catches the cast themselves off guard. From Mane Five and Spike, relieved and shocked at once, to Twilight still not quite aware of what exactly just happened to her, none of them were even beginning to imagine how much this all meant and how much it would entail in the following moons and years. And admit it, neither were we audiences this side of the screen. In-universe history made before everyone's eyes and the franchise's value taken through the roof overnight, 2013, colourized.

    53 Apples and Pears Together Forever - Alexrioponylover95

    Art image 53
    There are many moments in the episode The Perfect Pear that are just so emotional and wonderful, but this moment at the very end when the Apples and Pears finally patched things up and are finally a complete family again while at the tree Bright Mac and Pear Butter planted so many years ago is just the most heart warming scene ever! The one thing I wish would happen is if the ghosts of Bright Mac and Pear Butter were watching from above, happy that the feud is over and the families are back together.

    54 Bridle Gossip - Twilight and Apple Bloom - Astral Phoenix

    Art image 54
    Kinda tough to decide from this or "Call of the Cutie" but I decided on this cause I just love how Twilight and Apple Bloom just stood together and defend Zecora. I think this is what really cemented my interest in MLP the two of them together really work well and the fact that their both leaders to their respective groups truly proves it.

    It makes me really wish and hope to see just one episode with these two together, perhaps venture with Zecora to her homeland and learn more about her history. It makes sense since these two are Zecora's closest friends since the beginning of the series and I think it would certainly make a fantastic episode in my opinion.

    55 - N3R0_182

    Art image 55
    This screencap of this is what I have been wondering since Friendship Games. How was Twilight able to see her other self after the ending? Well, by watching Spring Breakdown, it explains wuite perfectly......with 2 Twilight Sparkles.

    56 Trixie's Cutest face - Luke

    Art image 56
    I love the scene because it brought back Trixie and she had the most adorable look on her face. Probably the cutest face she has ever shown so far. What made the scene so great was that just two scenes prior to Trixie's was Twilight asking Starlight who would accompany her back to Starlight's old home. And Twilight was expecting Starlight to choose her and Twilight, just like Trixie, made a cute face. And as Starlight thinks, the very next shot is Trixie's cute face. When I first saw that I was laughing at Twilight's face that when I saw Trixie's, it didn't even give me time to get over Twilight's. I was like, "Oh my god, Trixie! What is going on? To much cuteness, so fast." Trixie is one of the best characters of this show. And in that scene alone, it told me that she was there to stay. She would no longer be absent.

    57 - Awkward Segway

    Art image 57
    I tried to think of something more original, but the CMC getting there cutie marks is definitely my favorite scene in the show, since it was a huge moment of achievement for them, considering how long they had been trying to get them - it's hard to not feel proud for them. To make it even better, they got them right after helping the pony whose bullying caused them to try to get their marks in the first place, and it's followed up by a great, emotional song highlighting how much of an achievement it was.

    58 Rainbow Dash Finally Breaks Down - Thomas

    Art image 58
    The reason I picked this is because Rainbow Dash is one of my favorite characters and it's rare to see her get so emotional! As a fun of sad stuff, it really speaks to me (even if I have trouble crying!).

    59 - C_II_R

    Art image 59
    This may be bending the rules, but it is the motion of this 2 second scene that makes it my favourite.
    The sky's contrast with the characters; the multiple moving layers of wind and pegasi and their levels of shading; and the sense of each pony working together with all their strength, not because it's their day job or they're being coerced by a higher power, but because it's a goal they each believe in.
    It's the kind of scene that makes my eyes tear up, and makes me feel like Humanity too really can voluntarily work together in that kind of harmony.. sometimes...

    60 The Origins of the Cutie Mark Crusaders! - CMC_Scootaloo

    Art image 60
    The origins of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. A historical moment that should lay the groundwork for a very epic future.
    It was this moment that brought the three best fillies and ponies together. The moment that made them friends and the moment that set the chain reaction into motion that would eventually culminate in the achievement of the three most unique and special cutie marks Equestria has ever seen and of the rise of Equestria's first Cutie Mark Counselors.
    It is thanks to this moment that countless fillies and colts all over Equestria can receive help with their cutie marks.
    And it was in this moment that my all-time favourite ponies entered my life, the moment I saw them for the very first time. <3 all="" are="" favourite="" friendship="" from="" is="" little="" magic.="" moment="" my="" of="" pony:="" reasons="" span="" the="" these="" this="" why="">

    61 - snes chalmers

    Art image 61
    I just like how stealthy she thinks she's being.

    Plus it feels like a good "lurking" reaction image.

    62 - (Moonlit Stones)

    Art image 62
    This screenshot from the episode "Fame and Misfortune" is a great metaphor of how the series has touched those who have seen it. Our heroes are representing the staff of the TV show (including Mitchel Larson, the writer who didn't want this plot line) while Toola Roola and Coconut Cream are those who take the real lessons the show has offered to heart and use them. This shows that as we move on from the series, we can tell the staff (both past and present) that through this significant television show based on a toy line from Hasbro, we have learned many lessons about life, friendship, and happiness.

    63 The Epic Guitar Skills of Rarity - Chad

    Art image 63
    While this may be considered a random scene from the show, it's one of my favorites because of how unexpected and brilliant it is at the same time. With how stressed Rarity was following the first day of planning for the upcoming fashion contest in "Honest Apple", her taking up on Pinkie's offer to play the guitar for relaxation would end up surprising not only Pinkie, but everyone watching the episode. In a matter of seconds, Rarity managed to channel all of her stress into the guitar as she played it like a rockstar like it was nothing, which served to be very therapeutic for her and mind-blowing for everyone else.

    64 The Squee - Keita

    Art image 64
    The fluttershy squee :) Ignite the cuteness
    Enough said

    65 Some Hurts Never Go Away - Renesis

    Art image 65
    Snowfall Frost, realizing that her past has affected her more than she ever wanted to admit. The diligence and fortitude needed to overcome her circumstances have only lead her further from herself.

    Starlight has been the most relatable character for me, and this was an excellent parallel to her story (which could more easily be summed up in one screen capture).

    Additionally, this work has been retold to no end. In a mere 22 minutes, the music, voice acting, artwork, and especially the character backstory of this episode adds a depth which is missing from all of them, including the original. This show is on another level.

    66 - FikriEka

    Art image 66
    This marks the beginning of my journey. The next mark is S4 finale.
    I love seeing them having laugh, even though they didn't achieve their dream. It's also one of my favorites episode, with some of the best song ever written.

    67 Season 8, Episode 7: “Horse Play� - Melody Dream

    Art image 67
    “Horse Play� from season 8 was a fun episode about Princess Celestia trying to learn how to be an actress, with a few funny moments throughout the episode. This scene was especially comical watching Princess Celestia trying to learn acting skills from professionals and failing miserably in her attempts.

    68 Where It All Began - Deep Delver

    Art image 68
    In my opinion, Amending Fences is probably the best episode in the entire show. It's full of great callbacks, gives some characterization to Twilight's old friends, and presents a complex dilemma in which Twilight has to face the consequences of the mistakes she made in her old life.

    While I think the scene where Twilight and Moondancer finally reconcile is technically superior, I chose this clip because I feel it embodies the essence of the episode: beautiful, nostalgic, and sentimental, tinged with somber undertones of regret. It really drives home how much Twilight has changed and grown, while also reminding us of how she used to be.

    69 - Kingzelda

    This is one of the first scenes I remember upon joining the fandom back in 2012. I think this was the first time Derpy ever spoke? I know Hasbro has since removed the lines, but still, I love this scene for its hilarity.

    70 - MisterTwister

    I applaud the use of unapologetic violence, when it is the only answer (or so Glimmer thinks). In other words, it takes BALLS to show all-out combat in FiM, even if it's magical.