• Discussion: What Do You Prefer Your Pony Under-Hooves to Look Like in Fan Art?

    When I drew that Twilight Sparkle for the SPACE MARES banner earlier in the month, I wasn't actually aware that these "default pony artist butt-hooves" had a sort of interesting reputation to them. They are so common in fan art that I just kinda absorbed them without thinking. After many a comment along the lines of "Cool Twilight, but why does she have those freaky clop artist hooves?" I started putting 2 and 2 together.

    We've seen artists do a ton of different types for pony hoof-bottoms over the years. While the in-show version is pretty much just a single line, it's typically the duty of a fan artist to expand your topic of interest from just simple cartoon flash style and add a bit more detail. These characters lack defined details due to time constraints after all, and rarely are you under any sort of real deadline when drawing fan art.

    So, good fandom filled with good ideas, who's hoof style do you prefer? Are butt-hooves the way to go? Or has another artist solved the problem with a more appealing style in your opinion?