• Compilation Album: Ponies At Dawn - Skyward

    Ponies At Dawn. Enough said. Go grab this incredible compilation album if you haven't already, and partake in many many amazing gems from the community and beyond! With top-notch quality and a wide variety of genres, you will find something to your liking for sure. The album includes many pony treats such as the S08E13 The Mean 6-themed Mischievous Deed from Suskii, the S7 finale Shadow Play-themed The Pillars from UndreamedPanic, the S06E24 Top Bolt-themed Updraft from BlackIceMusic, the S01E07 Dragonshy-themed Shy Beat from Tripon, and the self-explanatory Rituals And Dances Of The Pegasi from Mane In Green and Koron Korak, to name a few! The massive 70-tracks compilation album is available on Bandcamp here!