• Community Love & Dedication Music: Luck Rock - Fandom (Africa Parody) [Soft Rock/Jazz Fusion]

    Everypony, let's gather for a group hug as we listen to this song full of love and community spirit, together. Relistening to it while writing this, it's hard for me not to tear up again. There's so much of the roots of our community expressed in this ponification of the classic song Africa by Toto, and Luck expresses so many feelings that we can relate to. Being saved by MLP and our loving community, being dedicated to ponies and working hard for others in the fandom, and keeping up the brony spirit forever... Luck Rock truly signs a masterpiece full of emotion and heart-warming feelings expressed with such utterly lovely and beautiful vocals, and the soft and comfy instrumental works so well to gently carry those kind and loving intentions all throughout the song. The vocal samples from the show are used so amazingly all throughout as well, and it makes for so much emotion here too, with how it calls to our love for the ponies and how it further expresses what we feel for each other in the community.

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    To see a fellow brony and friend creating such a lovely song expressing so much love and dedication, is just wonderful... And I could keep writing about it forever. Reminder for those who may not know, Luck Rock is not only a very talented and dedicated pony musician who made lots of amazing pony tributes, he's also very active in pony music promotion and organization at many cons, check his Twitter for more details. His "Modern Brony Music" panels at cons are spreading the love for our community's creations and the platforms supporting them, and he's also a valuable member of our Cider Party and Horse Music Herald teams. He's a must-follow and this new song is another proof of it! And once more I'll take the chance to join Luck in the expression of these feelings... I love you all everypony, and as the song says, thank you all for everything you do!