• Announcing Operation SEAPonyCon - We're back for 2019!

    SEAPonyCon is back and with an official event date too! Pretty rare to see a convention in Nov-Dec I must say!

    Get the full announcement after the break!

    Project SEAPonyCon returns for a third year! Our announcement today revealed the location of the convention to be in the historic city of Manila, The Philippines, bringing the magic to the very city that inspired the convention.

    Our third iteration is titled “Operation SEAPonyCon” and we can't wait to celebrate friendship in such a wonderful city. The event will be on the weekend of 30 November to 1 December 2019, just in time to see the city decked out with holly and ribbons - just like our theme for this year, Hearth's Warming.

    That's right, Operation SEAPonyCon wants to bring a warm, fuzzy feeling over Manila for its third celebration. We pick up the torch left by Asia's first pony convention, PHPonyCon - the pioneers of Asia's foray into the pony convention scene. Before Japan PonyCon, before CNBronyCon and way before Project SEAPonyCon was a reality, Manila broke the ground for the world's largest continent.

    Registration and ticketing for Operation SEAPonyCon will begin on May 1st. The tickets, like our previous year comes in at the same one-size-fits -all. Tickets are 1,000 PHP. This grants you unlimited access to the convention for both days. We are condensing and simplifying our ticketing system to streamline the organisation process since it will allow us to focus more on the convention experience itself. We do not have plans at the moment to sell single-day tickets.

    1,000 PHP may sound like a bit of a steep amount. Do allow us to share our perspective.

    Operation SEAPonyCon is the first two-day pony convention in The Philippines - never before has the nation had a pony convention like this. When you break it down, 1,000 PHP works out to 500 PHP per day. Since we are not offering single-day tickets at this point of time we strongly urge you to attend the full convention over both days for the best experience.

    To help you get there, we have populated our Discord server with the usual channel loadout for our conventions. This includes the Carpool, Roomshare, TripLab, PT and Tracking channels. The Carpool and Roomshare channels are for you to ask and chat with other attendees and potential congoers about sharing accommodation and transport while the TripLab and PT(Public Transport) channels are to help each other find a way to the convention whether you're travelling from the next city or the other side of the world. The Tracking channel is for tracking scheduled transport to alert each other of delays in flights, trains and bus services among other things.

    Operation SEAPonyCon also brings back the features you know and love from Project SEAPonyCon. In the weeks to come will be opening applications for Harmony Six - our activity system. Whether you want to present a panel, organise a contest, put up a performance, teach the art of your trade or even showcase your creation, Harmony Six is the platform where you pitch your idea to us so we can give you the stage to present it.

    Together with our BFFs at Crystal Empire Records, we also plan to bring back Friendship X and thunder:storm this year for a night of music to remember. There are plans in the works for another commemorative album so to musicians, producers and performers alike, we urge you to keep tabs on our social media for updates on concert auditions and music submissions.

    For vendors, Friendship Pro applications will also be opening within the following weeks. As a unicameral convention (where all the convention panels, activities, ceremonies and concerts happen in one, same hall), you will be able to enjoy the events of the convention with minimal compromise on your end as vendor tables will be situated in main hall.

    On a final note, what’s in a name? this year we’re on a quest. As you all already know, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is in its victory lap - the final season has begun. We’re now standing on the edge and like it or not, the community is evolving and dissipating. Many people are moving away from pony content to stay relevant, which is understandable in creator culture. Some are adopting non-pony personas or committing their efforts to other fandoms. Again, completely understandable and we simply cannot fault people for this. However if you’re someone who loves My Little Pony and would love to stick to this fandom, then Operation SEAPonyCon calls out to you.

    We want to play a role in immortalising this community and the legacy that our favourite  pastel ponies will leave for us - the friendship lessons, the joy and the moments we shared. The brony fandom changed the world - it brought a fandom that challenges social norms to the level that disrupted the mainstream. We ought to leave our mark in pop culture not just through our content but through our character. The show we love taught us lessons in friendship that became relatable between kids, adolescents, teenagers, adults and even some older members of our fandom.

    This is for the history books. We can’t wait to see you all again. Remember to follow us at @SEAPonyCon on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Meanwhile subscribe to us on YouTube at http://YouTube.SEAPonyCon.com for more content and join our Discord server at http://discord.SEAPonyCon.com to join the conversation.

    Have a wonderful Easter!

    Twitter: Calpain