• Silent Falleym 2 Full Version is Available for Download

    The Silent Hill inspired pony series continues with the full release of Silent Falleym 2! If you're looking for a bit of horror this weekend then check on after the break for the full details along with some screenshots!

    The horror, survival, and symphony of madness. Silent Falleym 2 continues the story of diving into nightmares. This time we have made many improvements to the game, and stylization itself. We decide a hard decision of removing half-static camera and survival horror's tank controls. As an example, we took the FoA model but made it better especially in weapon range system. 

    Silent Falleym is pony adaptation of classical Silent Hill series. It has as classical things and in same time new ones. Silent Falleym has own lore which not related to Konami's Silent Hill.

    Recently, we have been receiving some threats and reproaches in our direction. Let's start with technical problems. Guys we are not developers of operation systems, we didn't create such things like a run as administrator. Before launching our games PLEASE check F.A.Q section at our site(Also, you can do it in our latest launchers by buttons Help)

    Please don't send a million requests via the contact form if you did make sure what F.A.Q doesn't help you or have an unknown error which isn't in F.A.Q. 

    Thanks for understanding. As always thanks for support guys!
    Also, in our discord channel, we help too.


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