• My Little Pony Season 9 Opener Meetups - The List! (Final Update)

    We've got a pretty good amount of meetups going on around the world. Not as many as usual, but a lot of groups have broken up as people got older.

    We will keep submissions open for a little longer and get an update out if we get a bunch more. For now though, you can find the full selection below!

    As always, make sure to check their meetup page link out and do your due-diligence to see if you are the right kind of match for these groups. They aren't vetted by us in any way other than making sure they actually exist.

    Submissions are now closed! Event happens in a few days and this is the last bump. Get your meetups below! 

    Drexel University Creese Student Center

    Meetup/RSVP Link

    Date: April 6th

    Time: 12 pm

    Special instructions: please rsvp so we can let you into the building. Feel free to bring any snacks and games you would like to share and play with the group.

    Glendale Library, Salt Lake City, Utah

    Meetup/RSVP Link

    Date: April 6, 2019

    Time: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

    Special instructions: Will be in Room B

    DC & Baltimore Bronies Season 9 Premiere Combo Party!

    Location: Laurel (MD) Branch Library


    Date: Saturday, April 6th

    Time: 12:30 PM to 4:30 PM

    Special instructions: A new season is on the horizon as we have one more season of the pony generation that has changed all of our lives to enjoy together. How big will this be? We are bringing the DC and Baltimore groups together under one roof for this event! Come on out April 6th for lots of food, lots of fun, lots of memes (looking at you Stellar Flare) and lots of friendship!

    Houston TX,

    Meetup/RSVP Link

    Date: 8-6-2019

    Time: 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM

    Special instructions:

    Since this is a private residence you will need to join the group and get it from there. This is a pot luck so bring food friendliness and fun there will be video games, board games, and good time shenanigans.

    Rundle Mall, Adelaide, Australia

    Meetup/RSVP Link

    Date: Sunday, 7 April 2019

    Time: 12:00pm

    Special instructions: Have fun!

    Lancashire, UK

    Meetup/RSVP Link

    Date: April 6th

    Time: 2:00 PM

    Special instructions: Let us know you are coming on ukofequestria or facebook, bring a chocolate egg to enter our egg swap. Games will be arranged. no attendance fee

    Bronies of Tijuana

    Location: Tijuana Baja California

    Meetup Location: villas de Santiago villas del sur

    Meetup/RSVP Link

    Date: Time: 15/03/2019- 11:27 PM

    Come and enjoy the show, and be friends with each other who are friendly with you and hopefully it will ends up with friendship between our favorite ponies

    Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

    Meetup/RSVP Link

    Date: Saturday April 6th

    Time: 2PM

    Special instructions: At private house but might turn into an Air BNB


    Meetup/RSVP Link: -
    RSVP link

    Date: 6th April 2019

    Time: 11:30 GMT

    Special instructions: Please RSVP first before attending. Our venue has limited space.

    Bristol, UK

    Meetup/RSVP Link

    Date: 6th April 2019

    Time: 11:30am

    Special instructions: Space at our new venue is limited so please RSVP if you intend to attend. In the event that we don’t have space on the day, priority will be given to those who have RSVP’d.

    Camp Buehring, kuwait. USO tent

    Meetup/RSVP Link: buehring.bronies@gmail.com

    Date: April 7 2019

    Time: 1200

    Special instructions:

    So this is going to be a low key meet up. bring a puck for WiFi and headphones. We will be in a corner with our respective watching devices and watch with headphones. Then talk about it and bs.

    I have a zain puck with router but only can have maybe 3-4 people on it. Civilians, no uniforms. Absolutely no discussion of what we are doing or watching to someone outside the group. Trying to keep everyone’s brony status on the DL. If any has better meet up spots email the rsvp link.

    Fram's Place

    Meetup/RSVP Link

    Date: 6 April
    Time: 12 PM – 9 PM

    Special instructions: search Idaho Bronies Fluttershy Division" in facebook and request to become a member you can also email lytlethelemur@gmail.com for details

    K├Âlner Stammtisch - EnBe Jugendzentrum, Cologne, Germany

    Meetup/RSVP Link:

    Date: April 6th

    Time: 2:00 PM to 9:30 PM

    Special instructions: Season opener and Cologne Meetup are on the same day, so we will watch the episode (due to German time zone) at the end of the meetup. Entrance fee for the meetup is 7€, please register on the RSVP link.


    Location: 123 West 71st Street - New York, NY

    Meetup/RSVP Link:

    Date: Saturday, April 6th, 2019

    Time: 3 PM - 11 PM EST

    Special instructions:

    - Feel free to bring any food, drink, board games, art stuff, etc that you'd like to share with the group! Let's make this last Season Premiere Party spectacular!~

    South Denton, Texas

    Meetup/RSVP Link:  (Join and RSVP in #Announcements)

    Date: Saturday, April 6th

    Time: Be at the restaurant between 5:00 and 7:00 PM. We will go somewhere else after that, and stay there until at least 9:00 PM.

    Special instructions: This is an Official MLP Fans of Denton County event, and will involve going to RG Burgers in South Denton (2430 S Interstate 35) to meet for dinner, and at 7:00 we will move to a private house (details at event) to watch the episodes and hang out. Please come on the DFW Discord server to tell us to expect you, ask questions, and keep up with future events.

    Bronies of Southern Pennsylvania Season 9 Premiere Meet-up

    Location: Action Church 36 W 11th Ave, York, PA 17404

    Meetup/RSVP Link

    Date: 4/27

    Time: 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM