• Brian Drummond Heading to Whinny City PonyCon 2019

    Brian Drummond is heading to Whinny City this year! If you want to meet him, get the presser below.

    Brian Drummond finishes off our amazing Guest of Honor lineup for Whinny City Pony Con 2019!

    Announcement art by Sweet Cream
    Video edited by Nightly H
    Not so fast, adventurers!  Did you think we were finished with out Guest of Honor announcements?  Well, we’ve got a surprise for you–there’s one last person that will be showing up for our Midwest Adventure at Whinny City Pony Con!
    We’re excited to announce that Brian Drummond is going to be coming to Whinny City Pony Con!
    Brian’s diverse voice acting career has landed him roles as the voice of Vegeta on Dragon Ball Z, Ryuk on Death Note, Streaky in Krypto the Superdog, and most notably as the voice of Ahuizotl in Friendship is Magic.  He was also the voice of Spike in The Runaway Rainbow and The Princess Promenade!
    There’s still time to get your 3-Day Full Weekend badge at the incredibly low price of $50, but your time to register at that rate is running out!  Weekend badge prices go up on March 24th. Head on down to Schaumburg for an amazing weekend with Brian, Jim, Sara, Marÿke, Chiara and Brenda, as well as our amazing community guests, musicians, vendors and more!
    Check our Registration page for details, and also make sure to read about our Season Pass if you are thinking about attending our other cons MLP-MSP and Ponyville Ciderfest this year as well!