• S&C Day Discussion: Alicorns, Character Development, Episode Ideas and More!

    When Cadance and Shining were first announced way back in season 2 it came as a surprise to everyone with many people upset that there was another alicorn in Equestria besides Celestia and Luna and how could Twilight have a brother she never mentioned in all of season 1 and 2? It was a skeptical time in the fandom until the two part finale aired and fans were blown away by it (and the introduction of Chrysalis).

    Since then the two have appeared here and there in the show until they rocked the fandom again with the birth of a new alicorn in the form of Flurry Heart.

    Love them or hate them they certainly have left their mark on the show.

    So what are your thoughts? Has Cadance and then Flurry Heart diluted the importance of alicorns for you or just added more possibilities? What have you thought about Shining and Cadance's character development? What episodes would you like to see from this little royal family?

    Talk about all of that and more in the comments!

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