• Rare Pony Tracks: UndreamedPanic's Mix of Songs Not Uploaded To YouTube!

    Hold your horses everypony, because there's some very, very hot stuff in this mix that you don't wanna miss! Why, UndreamedPanic included some of the tracks that were on his Bandcamp but never got a YouTube release, in this mix made as a 10k Sub Special! There may be no ponies in the visuals of the video, but don't be deceived, because the mix is a gold mine for pony music. Take a seat and enjoy the amazing experience, with god-tier pony vocal chops in The Gala and The Letter, Apple Bloom character depth in Trust Me, and even a hard-hitting changeling assault in It's Coming! Overall, there is much emotion to be felt in this mix, and you can read my comment on YouTube if you want to know more about what I felt for the tracks. All of them are available for download on UndreamedPanic's Bandcamp, more precisely in the albums Revive, Evolve, and Lights On The Other Side!