• Andrea Libman Heading to BronyCon 2019

    BronyCon has scooped up Andrea Libman for their final event this year. If you want to meet her, head on down below for the details as always!


    (BALTIMORE) - Here at BronyCon HQ, we know there’s a big task ahead for our final convention. We’ve already begun recruiting some high profile operatives to attend as Guests of Honor, and today we’re proud to announce the first one who will appear in Baltimore this August. BronyCon is proud to announce Andrea Libman as our first Guest of Honor for 2019!

    BronyCon has almost become a second home for Libman as this will be her sixth appearance at the event, the most for any voice actor in its history, and her first since 2016. Libman is best known as one-third of the Mane Six in “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic,” providing the voices for Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy. In addition, she has primed herself for field work through her role as Special Agent Sweetie Drops, also known as Bon Bon while undercover.  Libman’s other show roles include Fleetfoot, Pumpkin Cake, and more.
    Libman has contributed to master her ability to play a multitude of characters with decades of experience. Her recent work includes a role in Disney’s “Ducktales” reboot as Bramble, the sinister horse-like creature who tries to lead the Duck family to danger, and Katya in Netflix’s “Super Monsters.” She can also be heard as Lemon Meringue, Pupcake, and Princess Berrykin on “Strawberry Shortcake’s Berry Bitty Adventures;” Emmy in “DragonTales;” and Cylindria in “Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures.”

    Libman has also won multiple awards for her voice acting, including two Behind the Voice Actors awards for her work as Pinkie Pie in 2012 and 2015.

    For more mission intel regarding Ms. Libman, as well as everything else regarding BronyCon 2019, check out our website at bronycon.org/#guests.

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    About BronyCon: Based in Baltimore, MD, the 11th and final BronyCon event is scheduled for August 1-4, 2019 at the Baltimore Convention Center. The convention features special guests, diverse programming, and a multi-night music festival featuring live music from some of the greatest fandom musicians. For more information, check out bronycon.org.