• 50 of the Best Musical Classics To Listen to For Rainbow Dash Day!

    Rainbow Dash has had a pretty massive amount of music created in her image over the years. We've got 50 of the classics here all in one playlist, or individually if you aren't feeling adventurous.

    Head on down below the break to check them out!

    [1] Source

    Loyalty - original MLP music by AcoustiMandoBrony by AcoustiMandoBrony

    [2] Source

    Wonderbolt - dBPony (feat. Prince Whateverer) by CookieSoupMusic

    [3] Source

    PhonyBrony + Feather - I'll Show You My Loyalty by PhonyBrony

    [4] Source

    Replacer - Cerulean Blue by replacer

    [5] Source

    SoaringFlight - Dashin' Dreams by SoaringFlight

    [6] Source

    MLP Fighting is Magic - Rainbow Dash Stage Theme by RC88

    [7] Source

    Aftermath - Prismatic by AftermathMakesMusic

    [8] Source

    Pony Piano + SoGreatandPowerful : In History, Maybe by SoGreatandPowerfulArchives

    [9] Source

    The Way She Flies - Phileo (No Intro) by canpan14

    [10] Source

    Spectrum (Rainbow Dash's Theme) [Original] /)^3^(\ by Re:Make

    [11] Source

    Sonic Rainboom (Just An Old Mare's Tale) by iamnotacleverpony

    [12] Source

    Dash's Empty Sky (Fine Tuned Edition) by kind sounds

    [13] Source

    WoodenToaster - Rainbow Factory by WoodenToaster

    [14] Source

    Tubby Wubby Pony Waifu by Dawn Somewhere

    [15] Source

    Sinking Ships by Dawn Somewhere

    [16] Source

    Join The Herd [ReMaster] - Forest Rain by Forest Rain Media

    [17] Source

    Ken Ashcorp - 20 Percent Cooler (Alex S. Remix) by Alex S. Archive

    [18] Source

    BlackGryph0n & Baasik - Academy by Black Gryph0n

    [19] Source

    AcousticBrony and PrinceWhateverer - Breaking Bonds (ft. Mando, MHM, Lulz, George) by Re:Make

    [20] Source

    David Larsen ft. Mandopony - Double Rainboom by David Larsen

    [21] Source

    Sound Barrier ft. Feather by TAPS

    [22] Source

    Replacer &I feat. Feather ~ Until the Sun by &I

    [23] Source

    Silva Hound ft. Blackgryph0n - EGOMANIA (Original Mix) by Silva Hound

    [24] Source

    PrinceWhateverer - Rainbow Thrash (Revised) by PrinceWhateverer

    [25] Source

    Dashie Mine ~ by Feather (500 Subs Special) by Feather OLDACCOUNT

    [26] Source

    'Leaving Colours' Original by Feather by Feather VOCALS

    [27] Source

    Become - Metajoker & Respin (Three Songs, Three Fandoms) by Metajoker

    [28] Source

    Del Rom - Ignition by Del Rom

    [29] Source

    John Kenza - Wonderbolt by John Kenza

    [30] Source

    Koroshi-Ya & Feather - Rainbow (Remastered - 1 Year Anniversary Edition) by Deleted Pony Songs

    [31] Source

    SoGreatandPowerful : Dashy / Hearth's Warming Eve by SoGreatandPowerfulArchives

    [32] Source

    Jyc Row - War Wounds {Multiverse War Sequel} by Jyc Row

    [33] Source

    [Rainbow & Rooted] Colored Lights (Extended Version) by P1K

    [34] Source

    Gimme R D (A Rainbow Dash Theme) [Fan Song] by ismBoF

    [35] Source

    Rainbowlicious (PhonyBrony Remix) by PhonyBrony

    [36] Source

    Silver Note - Sonic Rainboom VIP by Silver Note

    [37] Source

    BassCat and ISMBOF - Wind Slash (Ft. Nexgen and Feather) by Bass Cat

    [38] Source

    TeiThePony - Flying With The Rainbow (VIP MIX) by AcidUsagi

    [39] Source

    Skorp - Style and Speed [Rainbow & Rooted] by Skorp

    [40] Source

    Mantlegen - Fly In [Electro House] by Cider Party

    [41] Source

    UnderpΩny - She Am Sky by MalcolmCooks

    [42] Source

    GROskAr - Dive [Dubstep] by Cider Party

    [43] Source

    Crystal Slave - Falter [[email protected] Voyager] by Derpy's Archive Central

    [44] Source

    Polychromatic (Original Song) by Turquoise Splash

    [45] Source

    Secret Metal - Faster Than A Lightning by Secret Metal

    [46] Source

    No. 15 by Kreühn Pöny

    [47] Source

    Forward Only Forward - Le Soldat Pony by Le Soldat Pony Archive

    Thanks to Squeaky Belle and Dude Horse for sending it all.