• Silent Falleym Releases and More!

    The team behind the Fall of Anterfold games has a new game out for you guys to try out! Silent Falleym is a pony adaptation of the Silent Hill series so if you're a fan of those classics this might be worth checking out.

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    Silent Falleym is pony-adaptation of classic Silent Hill series. Our goal wasn't to create the clone or copy. We have made own lore and changed some elements to make it better, some elements from original Silent Hill was moved to adaptation. The first thing Silent Falleym focuses on survival in a nightmare, the second thing is merging the main character with the player. Around his senses, pain, and horror. That creates immerse for the player to character's reality and his nightmares.

    Mixed Camera is a more modern version of Survival Horror camera which gives enough freedom to the player and in same time limit it when it needs. Radio Noises, Nightmare Reality, and Nightmare Alarm are attached.

    The last news are what Fall of Anterfold will get a reboot. The author of previous Anterfolds has left the fandom. In these days has joined to us LigS author of Fall of Anterfold Neuro Heart. Themes will be cyberpunk, biopunk, and horror. The game genre will remain the same.

    For main stories will exist Fall of Anterfold Neuro Heart, for side stories Fall of Anterfold Behind Line. All Anterfolds which was released before will be deleted at 31 January. So if you have a chance to play before it'll be gone forever.

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