• Pony Community Soapbox #125 - Adult Content Takeovers, Cadance is the Best, and Future MLP Guest Singer!

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    Headlines this week: 

    • Next pony celebrity singer on the show
    • Is the Future of the Fandom in Adult Content?
    • Twilight's BIGGEST friendship problem
    • Changelings, Breezies, and Flutter Ponies- one big fairy family
    • Cadance is best

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    Next pony celebrity singer on the show
    By: FlareGun45

    Sapphire Shores, Rara, and Songbird - what do these 3 have in common? They're all POP SINGERS! Nuttin' wrong with that, but that's the only genre of celebrity singers we get in this show. We never got a jazz celebrity singer, country (seriously, why? That's a potential AJ episode right there), and my favorite genre: ROCK! You MIGHT count Cheese Sandwich to be a polka celebrity singer, but he's famous for his parties, not his music.

    So if we're gonna get any more pony celebrity singers on the show (which I doubt there'll be room for any more, but maybe Equestria Girls can do something), it wouldn't hurt doing another genre! Despite on how big pop is, there are other genres that exist! Even though this is a kid's show, I know kids who like rock! Every kid liked rock when I was a kid, and I'm sure these kids will too! But there's just not enough of that. Whatever, I talked about that already in a previous soapbox! Remember when the Rainbooms did rock instead of pop? Yeah those were the days!

    So let's pretend there's a new celebrity pony singer next season, or one coming for Equestria Girls! Which genre do you want him/her to be?

    Is the Future of the Fandom in Adult Content?
    By: Ig

    As most of us grow older and journey into adulthood, the fandom seems to be maturing over time. Back when I started watching ponies in 2013, I was still a teenager. Now that I'm fresh into my 20's my tastes have also changed. I used to think things like clop were disgusting and corrupting to MLP, but now I appreciate the adult aspect and understand that it is OK to be attracted to that side. We see a lot of artists making the switch too. Some of my favorite artists that only posted clean stuff for years have started drawing NSFW on the side. A few pretty much only draw NSFW now. It's always the most popular too, so they keep doing it. Is this what we should expect from the future? More and more people switching to clop? I don't mind it but it's pretty surprising. They are still animals. Thank you for reading.

    Twilight's BIGGEST friendship problem
    By: FlareGun45

    I know what you're thinking, you think I'm over exaggerating. Getting grudged at the show because my favorite character had one episode was over exaggerating. This isn't. It's a real problem that is much too real.

    Spike has had his share of abuse pre-season 6, and then it slowly started to come back in season 8. It wasn't that bad in season 8, it's tolerable, but in Best Gift Ever, it crosses the line! A monster attacks and is attracted by Spike's shiny scales, and what does Twilight do? He uses him as live-bait! Really, Mike Vogel? This takes Spikeabuse to a whole new level! It makes all those other times he was abused seem like no big deals! Not to mention, this is TWILIGHT doing this! Her first friend, her most supportive friend, and basically her son.... and she uses him as live-bait. That is so not cool! I never seen Twilight treat her other friends this way! And this time, Spike actually spoke out that he didn't like it.

    i wouldn't blame Twilight COMPLETELY for this cause she only was only thinking fast, but outta all the friendship lessons Twilight has had in the past, this one is the one she needs work on the most! I'm not gonna live with this show with Twilight getting away with something like this! She's good to him at times and she loves him, but both Twilight and Spike don't realize that this IS abusive. I hope the writers are planning something soon to fix this. I really hope they just brought the abuse back just so Twilight (and the rest of his friends for that matter) get taught a lesson in a future episode, cause justice is sweet! :)

    Changelings, Breezies, and Flutter Ponies- one big fairy family
    By: Nightmare Muffin

    Changelings- though they look more like bugs, were taken from real life legends of faries. The Breezies, also quite buggy-looking, are said to be fairies by Fluttershy in “It ain’t easy being breezies”. Its a little surprising to me that these species of fairy ponies aren’t talked about as having some relation to each other. And because I love fairy ponies, which originally started with the Flutter ponies of g1, its possible that these Changelings and Breezies could also be related to these pony fairies as well. Even though the Flutter ponies were only given brief mention in IDW’s MLP comic “The Art of Gazebo repair”, I believe that they are within the canon of the show as well- it’s only a matter of time. But its an interesting idea to consider that Breezies, Changelings, and potentially Flutter Ponies could all be related in some way or another.

    Cadance is best
    By: Nightmare Muffin

    A lot of people seem to hate on Cadance for a lack of personality, but realistically, the show, books, and comics give us a lot about her character, and these things are why I think she’s probably the best alicorn. She gets involved firsthoof- not only does she remember the names of every citizen her entire empire (Source: Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell), but she cares about them enough to forgo sleep and eating, to the point of malnutrition, sleep deprivation and exhaustion, while STILL putting every ounce of strength that she has to keep a spell going that protects her entire empire from Sombra for many days. That girl’s a real trooper! And NEVER have we seen Luna, Cadance, or even Sunbutt go to such lengths to protect their friends or subjects! Sure, Sunbutt may have had to banish her sister for 1000 years, to protect her subjects, but how much physical strain and effort on her body, mind, and magic did that expend?