• My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic 20/20 Released Today!

    We haven't had this happen in a little while! For on today's new comic book day you can pick up 2 brand new issues of My Little Pony!

    I hope you're all ready to have some fun! Cause I know I am. And Pencils is a really good reason why.

    Also a good reason is to see the Mane 6 as fillies. Which you can do after the break!

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    Variant Covers
    Cover A by: Toni "Pencils" Kuusisto
    1 in 10 Retailer Incentive Cover by: Tony Fleecs

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    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: IDW 20/20
    Ted Anderson (w) • Toni "Pencils" Kuusisto (a & CVR A) • Tony Fleecs (CVR RI) • Heather Breckel (c)

    IDW 20/20 kicks off IDW’s year-long 20th anniversary celebration! An all-new weekly event giving a glimpse of your favorite characters 20 years into the future—or past! What made them into the heroes you love… and what twists does the future hold…?

    Ponyville’s most courageous and magical ponies celebrate friendship and fun in this adventure set twenty years in the past! Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, and the rest of your favorite fillies are young foals—surely things can’t get too crazy, right?! One thing’s for sure: no matter what escapades they face, the magic of friendship will see them through!

    FC • 36 pages • $4.99

    Bullet Point:
    • January’s “20/20” initiative celebrates 20 years of IDW by exploring the future and past in your favorite comics!