• ExplodingPonyToast's Top 100 Pony Tracks Of 2018 Stream on PonyvilleFM!

    Ponies at Dawn manager ExplodingPonyToast took the awesome initiative of making his Top 100 Pony Tracks Of 2018, further promoting all those talented musicians and sharing quality music! The whole Top 100 will be streaming over PonyvilleFM on Saturday the 19th, from 10am EST/3pm UTC to 6pm EST/11pm UTC! It will be hosted by the awesome Lycan who did all the Ponies at Dawn and A State of Sugar live release party streams! Tune in from the PVFM site and join the party in the PVFM Discord server! Now's the chance to partake in the amazing tunes that saw birth in the community in 2018, and chat with other pony music enthusiasts while listening to the music in sync!