• ExplodingPonyToast's Top 100 Pony Songs Of 2018 Playlist!

    Last year I put out a top 100 of pony tunes from 2017, so I figured I would go ahead and do it again this year! There was a whole heap of amazing music released in 2018 from artists old and new, so this is a great chance to see a whole bunch of it all in one place. It's a pretty personal list, though there was certainly some intent to factor in lots of stuff that was significant to the scene in general as well. You can check out the full list here, and grab a playlist of all the tunes here and below the break, along with a bit of a thank you from myself!

    For those of you who might have noticed, Makenshi has taken over from me as the main music person for EQD, and I couldn't be more thrilled to have such a dedicated and wonderful replacement. I'm not really running off anywhere, I just don't have the consistent daily time anymore to reliably write posts like these, so I felt it would be best to hand it over to somebody else. You can consider this top 100 a sort of final hurrah, though I may end up posting other things now and again depending on what's needed. I've truly enjoyed and thoroughly appreciated my position over the last couple of years being able to showcase so many of the talented musicians that make up the fandom's music scene, and I'm positive that there will continue to be exceptional pony music released into 2019 and well beyond. Thank you to everybody who has taken the time to read my posts and check out the awesome creators featured over the years, and I hope you'll continue to support the music scene and Makenshi!