• Cover Art Appears for Cancelled My Little Pony X Transformers Crossover Comic

    "Till all arefun!"


    Believe it or not, this action is actually quite soothing. It helps calm the nerves, especially when information comes out publicly about what has to be the coolest crossover comic idea that never came to pass.

    Since a certain My Little Pony Cover was an exclusive cover for BotCon in 2013 for Mircoseries issue 5, rumors have been flying about a My Little Pony/Transformers crossover comic being in the works at IDW Publishing. The rumors often consisted of which versions of Transformers would team up with Friendship is Magic—Generation 1 was a particular favorite for reasons of nostalgia—and various creative teams being pulled from both the MLP and Transformers comic lines published by IDW.

    Not much stock was ever put into these rumors since they either didn't have any concrete sources behind them, they were crossover fanfictions on FimFiction, or nothing ever materialized from them…

    …until now!

    Apparently a few years ago, IDW Publishing was actively pursuing a My Little Pony/Transformers Crossover Comic. Confirmation of this comes from regular Transformers Comic Artist Andrew Griffith, who is the artist behind the covers you see above (which was colored by regular Transformers Comic Artist Priscilla Tramontano).

    Based on what I know about IDW's comic production process, this was probably canned 2 months before it was supposed to be solicited. Who knows, maybe with the MLP Mini-series taking a little break, IDW might explore this possibility again with Hasbro.

    You'll be able to find the screenshots of the source tweets after the break. I have a feeling there is going to be a lot of discussion in the comments section about this one.