• Tumblr Is Banning Clop (And ALL Adult Content) on December 17th

    In order to provide a "safe place for creative expression" (or a safer place for advertisers in our opinion~) Tumblr will no longer allow any adult content starting on the 17th of December. Any Tumblr blog found with explicit material will be removed.

    Considering many artists in the fandom rely on and have built up humongous followings over there over the years, this is a massive blow on the pony side. Artists gotta eat, and a lot of them do that through the much higher demand and commission price for NSFW material. Suddenly having the rug pulled out of communities they have created in the last 8 years of pony hurts.

    Many are already migrating over to Twitter since rumors of this have been circulating for a while, but re-starting is never an easy process. At the end of the day, social networks are the best way to get noticed and broadcast your work to a loyal following. Losing one without an alternative is never good.

    Unfortunately they are vague on what constitutes "adult content", and even admit that filtering this type of content isn't easy, so even suggestive stuff might be nuked. Many an artist out there has a non-explicit pony butt or two uploaded among their SFW content. Hopefully they are safe, though we won't know until the culling begins on the 17th.

    Thanks to Miak for the heads up.