• Random Pony Merch: Knockoff Glimmy, Cotton, Gingerbread, and More!

    Poor knockoff Glimmy. She's so sad...

    We've got random merch, including some knockoffs cause why not! Get them all below as always, or just mourn Glimmer.

    Crochet Ponies

    Found At: Costco
    Found By: Laffy Taffy

    Giant Rainbow Dash Greeting Cards

    Found At: HEB
    Found By: Jason

    Random Plates and Stuff

    Found At: Walmart
    Found By: Kalecgos

    School of Friendship Sticker Collection

    Found At: Panini
    Found By: Sam


    Found At: Walmart
    Found By: Kalecgos


    Found At: Walmart
    Found By: Kalecgos

    Strange Knockoffs

    Found At: Spain
    Found By: FF-X2

    My Size Pinkie Pie Spotted

    Found At: CVS
    Found By: Duel Monster

    2018 Gingerbread Kit

    Found At: Micheals
    Found By: Adam

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