• Pony Community Soapbox #123 - Relatable Trixie, Dictator Glimmer, Too Much Spike, and More!

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    • Starlight, the Dictator? or Why I Don't Like Starlight Glimmer's Season Six Road to Redemption Thoughts
    • The Crystal Heart was meant to be the first line of defense before the elements
    • I Will Not Be Happy If Spike Takes Over Season 9
    • What makes Trixie so relatable

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    Starlight, the Dictator? or Why I Don't Like Starlight Glimmer's Season Six Road to Redemption Thoughts
    By Moonlit Stones

    While watching YouTube user ACRacebest's Brony reaction to the season six finale, I always get irked at their comparison of Starlight Glimmer to Adolf Hitler, the tyrant ruler of Germany from 1933 to 1945. I really think that the writers might also be to blame for this comparison issue.

    In listening to the dialogue from some of the episodes in the series since Starlight was redeemed, the writers make you think that she was a dictator, on account of her village and her ideals of the citizens residing within. That's not the case for me.

    Starlight was never a tyrant with an iron hoofed control. She's supposed to be an odd cult leader wanting her brand of equality by removing the cutie marks of her faithful disciples while keeping her own in secret. How is that supposed to be like Hitler, a horrible man whose hatred caused one of the great genocides of the 20th century? It doesn't make good sense to me, or to anyone.

    I don't blame the writers or anything by having Starlight remember her awful past, but twisting it to make her seem like a tyrannical leader doesn't work for me and should not come again.

    I Will Not Be Happy If Spike Takes Over Season 9
    By: Tadashi (FirePuppy)

    All this discussion about Spike being the leading main character of the final season is totally driving me crazy. Yes, I know, he's like a main character because of all the appearances he's gotten, especially in Season 8, but let's get things straight here: My Little Pony Friendship is Magic is about ponies, not dragons or any other species. Sure, Starlight Glimmer got to have something like this in a season or two, but she's a pony, unlike Spike. Besides, where and how can Spike get his own Element of Harmony? It's not possible at all! Ever since the beginning of the show, there has always only been six Elements of Harmony, which Spike had absolutely nothing to do with. So to sum it all up, I find it highly doubtful that Spike will ever be even close to being ranked as one of the Top 3 main characters of Season 9.

    What makes Trixie so relatable
    By: FlareGun45

    I remember in the past when I first started watching the show, I thought characters like Pinkie and Flutters were my most relatable characters, but looking at it now, the most relatable characters on the show are the most unexpecting ones! Spike, of course, and Starlight, and even Trixie! Looking at Trixie, we can all see she's full of herself, but why is that? Well it's either her mom kept telling her how great she was, or she had a bad past, and she's using the present to makeup for that! How was Trixie's past like though? We know next to nothing about her before Boast Busters, except for the comic when Trixie went to Celestia's school, but was that really canon? Trixie's personality far outweighs her magic, and that's why I love about her best!

    Sometimes when people consider themselves to be "the best", it usually doesn't mean they're showboating (even though sometimes it is the case, but not this time), Trixie is well aware of her boasting! So I guess if nopony else is around to call her "great and powerful", she can only do it to herself, and it sticks around so long that it became a permanent part of her personality! It takes us alota seasons to finally realize how great of a pony she can really be - not because of her magics, but for her heart!

    The Crystal Heart was meant to be the first line of defense before the elements
    By: Nightmare Muffin

    There’s a lot of heart symbolism in FiM. Its on housing structures, interior, in pony formations and positions, the Fire of Friendship, Coloratura’s lyrics. We even see Twilight’s magic come out of her heart to transform her into an alicorn in MMC. Most importantly, its in Equestria’s strongest original weapon, the Crystal Heart. I’m led to believe that this artifact predates even the Elements of Harmony, because the heart theme in FiM is so evident. Hope and love from the heart were meant to radiate through all of Equestria and combat villains, but when Sombra made the heart and empire vanish for 1000 years, a new weapon needed to take its place, which led to the Tree of Harmony being created. Also noted is that the sisters didn’t use the elements, but their own power to defeat Sombra, since the Tree and elements had not yet existed.