• Open Art Event - Draw/Craft/Photograph a December Holiday Themed Pony!


    December is here, and as is the norm in ponyland, we shoving them into boxes, hiding them under christmas trees, and dressing them in holiday garb from all corners of the pony creation sphere. Plushie makers, artists, and photographers alike all get on board this time of year.

    In celebration of open art posts, lets do a special edition shall we?

    Your mission is to draw, craft, photograph, or even 3D pose ponies in some kind of holiday setting. Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, whatever you want, have ponies do it.

    Send your submission to [email protected] with a source link and title the email HOLIDAY EVENT. Deviant Art is probably a good choice now that Tumblr has gone off the deep end.

    Deadline is December 24th, so get your stuff in before then to make sure it's included. All skill levels welcome!