• My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #73 Released Today! - Download Links, Variants, Discussion!

    That sound you are hearing right now is the sound of a hippogriff suffering a heart attack due to cuteness overload.

    Don't worry, cute induced heart attacks aren't fatal. I should know… I suffered one reading this comic as well.

    Brace yourselves folks! The latest My Little Pony comic is filled with pure adorableness!

    Which you can check out at the usual links after the break!

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    Variant Covers
    Cover A by: Toni "Pencils" Kuusisto
    Cover B by: Sara Richard
    1 in 10 Retailer Incentive Cover by: Thom Zahler

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    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #73
    Thom Zahler (w) • Toni "Pencils" Kuusisto (a & CVR A) • Sara Richard (CVR B) • Thom Zahler (CVR RI) • Heather Breckel (c)

    When a magical amulet helps Fluttershy get in touch with her wild side, she starts seeing things from a whole new perspective—that of her animal friends! What could possibly go wrong?

    FC • 32 pages • $3.99

    Bullet Point:
    • The animal kingdom takes over Ponyville!
    • Fluttershy learns to see things from a whole new perspective!