• Legends of Equestria Holiday Update Now Live

    The team over at Legends of Equestria has released their holiday update, adding new costumes (Including scarves), quests, music, and texture updates.

    Get the full patch notes below the break, or download it over here and discover for yourself!

    • Added quest 'Save the Date'.
    • Added quest 'Paper Trail of Destruction'.
    • Added quest 'Adventure Never Ends'.
    • Added quest 'Sock It To 'Em'.
    • Updated quest 'A Treat for Taffy' to be foal only, as was originally intended.
    • Re-activated holiday costume quest 'Dashing Through The Snow'.

    • Enchanted Ice Skates are available once more.
    • Added scarves as a wearable item. Scarves are the new socks, and the following variations are officially replacing them from now on:
      • Holiday Scarf
      • Peppermint Scarf
      • Winter Scarf
      • Spearmint Scarf
    • Just kidding; socks are never going away. Speaking of: added Holiday Socks.
    • Sunlight Armor can now be combined with Marble Dust by Golden Gauntlet, to create Pearlescent Armor.
    • Similarly, Golden Gauntlet can now infuse Pearlescent Armor with Prismatic Shards, to create Iridescent Armor.
    • Added book functionality. Books acquired during quests and in the game world can now be read [note: this is currently limited to books we have content implemented for, but will expand as fast as our expert team of writey-horses can work their magical hoof-pencils].

    • Seasonal snow has returned to Ponydale once again! With it comes the rest of the festive decorations, such as holiday trees across Equestria.
    • Updated some Gala Hall textures.
    • Added new music to the Ponydale, Boutique, and Heartlands Cottage locations.
    • Added falling snow to the character screen.
    • Fixed portal rotation issues in the Digsite dungeon.

    • The loading screen snow can occasionally disappear. Maybe it's a bug; maybe it's global warming! No, it's definitely a bug.