• (Hypothetical) Discussion: My Little Pony Movie 2 Covers New Ponies! Who Stars in it and What is the Plot?


    The year is 2022, and after the G5 flopped, Hasbro has decided to double-down on G4 once again! But with different ponies, cause after the flood of mane 6 merchandise it's getting hard to sell more purple alicorns to little girls. So many purple alicorns.

    Luckily, they have a cast of hundreds of other ponies to do stuff with who haven't had nearly as much repeat toys! Rejoice!

    Our hypothetical hasbro executive is back again and absorbed you from whatever you are doing in 3 years to help decide on what the movie will be about. The only rule? It can't star the mane 6. They can be supporting backgrounder characters, but this one focuses entirely on a new set of pones.

    Who do you pick, and what will the plot be? Comment below!