• Gameloft Game Releases Hearth's Warming Eve Update - Also Rainbow Deer

    A new Gameloft game update has released, starring Rainbow Dash as a deer and a bunch of other random holiday themed items and characters.

    Head on down below the break for the patch notes and a ton of screenshots!

    When the weather gets colder, hearts get warmer to welcome lots of new faces. So find a nice, happy home for plenty of fresh friends to spend this Hearth’s Warming Eve!

    Meet the generous Gift Givers of the Grove, Aurora, Alice, and Bori—plus plenty of festive fillies, foals and more who can’t wait to celebrate!

    Unwrap your own Flim and Flam’s Holiday Stall, Crystal Sculptor’s Workshop, and other places to do some seasonal shopping!

    Savor the season with the Tower of Gifts, Flim Flam Land—plus more to place around your Ponyville!

    Download the update now and let the festivities begin!

    Thanks to ExplosionMare, Melody Dream, and TriangyloY for the heads up

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