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    Story: Flash Sentry, Savior of the Universe (Update Part 6!)


    Author: RedSquirrel456
    Description: Flash Sentry is not the most attentive student in Canterlot High. He is not the smartest or the fastest or the most assertive. He is not a lot of things, but he does try to be a good boyfriend, and an even more normal teenager. But one fateful day he becomes the only person on Earth to have a talking pony in his closet. A pony only he can see. A pony that is incredibly, stupendously annoying. The incredibly dangerous, stupendously powerful things that followed him to Flash's world, though... those are another matter entirely.
    Flash Sentry, Savior of the Universe (Update Part 6!)

    Story: Harmony Theory (Update Part 38!)


    Author: Sharaloth

    Description: After the Changeling invasion, Celestia and Luna make the decision to have Twilight investigate the Elements of Harmony and solve the mystery of their power. A thousand years later, Rainbow Dash awakens in a world she does not recognize. She has no idea how or why she came to be there. She does not know the language, the geography or any of the rules of this new time. She soon finds allies in Star Fall, a scholarly pegasus whose Talent is Magic, and Astrid, Star Fall's Griffin guardian. Together they set out to discover why Dash has been sent to the future, and how she might return to when she belongs. War threatens the nations, a Nightmare stalks the shadows, and Rainbow Dash's arrival has turned her into a wild card in a deadly game that pits the law on both sides of a broken Equestria against a mysterious criminal figure, Max Cash. Yet the stakes are higher than anyone knows, for in her research Twilight Sparkle discovered a dark secret about the Elements, something that will shake the foundations of the world.
    Harmony Theory (New Part 38!)

    Fanfiction: Knight of Equestria: Certainty (Update - Sequel Part 2)

    [Adventure][Slice of Life]

    Author: ScifiPony


    Description: Music Biz's Wicked Tongue: So, Miss Serenade... World renown DJ, songwriter, records topping the charts, fans cry "Songbird" at you, Friendship Festival headliner... What's the scoop with the serialized stories The Strand is launching? Self-aggrandizing fiction?
    Songbird Serenade: Self-aggrandizing? (She shuffles some pages on the table before her and takes a deep breath.) On the evening of the 1000th Summer Sun Celebration, a blank-flank teenager was expecting to scrub and dust, helping her immigrant parents clean Town Hall overnight. She was... okay with that. Her family was glad for any opportunity. Her Trottingham accent worried her— 

    (Long Description, continued below) 

    WT: Your accent—

    SS: Might her classmates discover she was a peasant who cleaned up after other ponies and always would? She jammed with a nascent DJ named Vinyl Scratch, but, with her sorry excuse for being a DJ next to her only friend, she had no dreams of a musical future.

    (Her blue eyes catch mine for an instant.) Little did I know at the dawn of the Age of Harmony, I would meet its first monster.

    The filly made it to her next sunrise, but would be piecing herself together for the rest of her life. Ultimately, without Princess Nightmare Moon there would be no Songbird Serenade. This is one of those stories.

    WT: Are you saying the stories are autobiographical?
    SS: (She covers her face with her mop of bangs after I see incipient tears.) It's a confession. She dislikes the filly she was. As for the mare she became... (Shudders)

    Knight of Equestria: Certainty