• Discussion: Which Pony Would You Want to Hang Out With for a Week on Earth?


    Good news! Starlight Glimmer has been experimenting with magic again, and accidentally opened a channel of communication with you. After a few months of sharing information about your world, she has gotten royal permission to send one pony over to experience earth for a full week.

    Because cartoon horses can seemingly ditch responsibility at any time for the call of adventure, you have been given the choice of any pony you want to bring over. They are all up for it, cause ponies love that stuff. Or something.

    So, pick any pone you want! He or she will spend a week with you experienced all the wonders of earth. Celestia sent them over with a giant sack of gems which you quickly pawned for a bunch of cash, so cost is no issue. Take your new besti anywhere.

    What do you do with them? What amazing things about earth do you show off?

    Pop it in the comments!