• 23 Songs That Celebrate Luna's Glorious Moon!


    Not that moon, you pervs.

    Well I guess a few of these might be interpreted that way. We've got some of the best Moon based music of the last few years. Check them out below! 

    [1] Source

    For The New Lunar Republic (Fan Music) by iamnotacleverpony

    [2] Source

    Super Ponybeat - Luna (DREAM MODE) by Eurobeat Brony by Odyssey Eurobeat

    [3] Source

    Nightmare Night [WoodenToaster + Mic The Microphone] by WoodenToaster

    [4] Source

    The Moon Rises by ponyphonic

    [5] Source

    PrinceWhateverer - The Fight Inside (Ft. NRGpony) [REINVENT] by PrinceWhateverer

    [6] Source

    Jyc Row & Felicia Farerre - Night Queen VIP (feat. PrinceWhateverer) by Jyc Row

    [7] Source

    15 Moon (Vocals by Periluna) - Pony Empires Complete by Carbon Maestro

    [8] Source

    Exiark & Chi-Chi - Life still left in me (Club Mix) by Exiark

    [9] Source

    4everfreebrony - My Only Friends by 4everfreebrony

    [10] Source

    SoGreatandPowerful : E30 (Love and Admiration) by SoGreatandPowerfulArchives

    [11] Source

    Aviators - Set Me Free by Aviators

    [12] Source

    Evening Star - Beautiful Night by Evening Star

    [13] Source

    Luna's Swing - ┬ÁThunder & FritzyBeat by FritzyBeat

    [14] Source

    Proctra - Night Mare Ft. PegasYs & Feather (Original Mix) Remaster in desc by Proctra

    [15] Source

    Luna's Night (By TheDashDub) by Chris Heron Music

    [16] Source

    Radiarc - Moonless Nightmare by Radiarc

    [17] Source

    [Alicornae EP] Jyc Row - Magna Luna by Jyc Row

    [18] Source

    Makkon - Luna Deos by Brony Music Archive

    [19] Source

    Luna Comes to me in a Dream - Le Soldat Pony by Le Soldat Pony Archive

    [20] Source

    Flak - Walls by Flak

    [21] Source

    Luna Ticks - Socks by Quicksilver

    [22] Source

    Cherax Destructor and Francis Vace - The Mare From My Dreams by Francis Vace

    [23] Source

    Luna's Rebirth Reworked by Aelipse