• Pony Community Soapbox #120 - Spike's True Dad, Too Much "Kirinposting", Ponies and Death, and More!

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    Headlines this week: 

    Spike's "True Dad"
    Pinkie Pie and the Cutie Mark Crusaders Together
    Gift-givers of the Grove are Spirits from “Hearth’s Warming Tale”
    Ponies and Death

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    Spike's "True Dad"
    By: FlareGun45

    Twilight is supposed to be Spike's mother, right, since she hatched him? So... who's his supposed father then? Not that fat cabbage, that's for sure! Even if he claims that he prefers his pony side more than his dragon side, he was still quick to accept Sludge as his dad. Was it because he wanted to be more of a better dragon? Or... more of an individual?

    Spike's been with his motherly figure his entire life, which taught him how to be smart, kind, and selfless! But Spike's always been sensitive and lets his friends do whatever they want to him, and lets himself stand in the Mane Six's shadow all the time. Why? Cause he never had a dad to teach him how to stand up for himself and be tough! Not dragon tough, but the kind that he doesn't let anyone treat him like a doormat. Not only that, but Twilight's been focusing more on her own destiny and Spike's been helping her get there that she doesn't think much about his future. What Spike needs is a MALE ROLE MODEL, to teach him about his more masculine side. Every child needs a mom and a dad - even if they're not married or even in love!

    Who could that father figure be exactly? He doesn't seem close with Twilight's dad or Shining Armor. How about the one alot of us think who found his egg? Tirek's brother, Scorpan? :3 If he found the egg, then there's already a bond between them that they both might feel - they just need to reunite! Will he finally appear in season 9?

    Pinkie Pie and the Cutie Mark Crusaders Together
    By: Tadashi Satoru (FirePuppy)

    I know it's not easy to write an episode focusing on all four of Pinkie Pie and the Cutie Mark Crusaders, knowing that there hasn't ever been one, but I think I have a solution where such an episode can and should actually happen, following the events of a few episodes from earlier seasons.

    Since Hard to Say Anything, we learned that Big Mac currently shares a romantic relationship with Sugar Belle, and they even celebrated a Hearts and Hooves Day together in The Break Up Break Down. Well, with only one season left, it's the perfect time for them to have their own wedding. And for this episode, we could have Pinkie Pie and the CMCs bake their own wedding cake, MasterChef style! How it works: Mrs. Cake gives the group of four the directions on how to bake the wedding cake, leaving the CMCs all confused, causing them to get all mixed up, and Pinkie can't handle them together, resulting in the episode's climax. But just like in all other episodes, they all work together to fix everything, and bake the cake in time for Big Mac and Sugar Belle's wedding.

    What do you think?

    Gift-givers of the Grove are Spirits from “Hearth’s Warming Tale”
    By: EnergeticRider

    Obviously, there are three possibilities about Snowfall Frost story from HWT. First – it’s just a fable to teach ponies about the importance of Hearth’s Warming holiday. Second – it’s an actual story that happened (and considering how Daring Do from the books turned out to be real, that’s entirely possible). Third – something in between, a work of fiction but based on what’s really happened.

    And in the third case it’s entirely possible that three spirits, visited Snowfall could, in reality, be not ponies, but Aurora, Bori, and Alice. And here is my arguments why:

    First, both trios have a connection to times – past, future, and present. And while we haven’s seen reindeer to make magical visions of past and future, there is no evidence that they can’t do that.

    Second. Spirit of Hearth’s Warming Presents is, well, of Presents. Gifts. Just like Grove Gift-givers. Also, Spirit of Presents is “played” by Pinkie Pie, who is pink, just like Bori.

    Third. Remember at the end of “Best Gift Ever” Alice narrate how “the lesson was learned”? That would suggest Grove Gift-givers are concerned about more than just giving the right present to the right pony. So if somepony to put Hearth’s Warming in danger, the trio would have known that (due to Alice's ability see that there will be no gifts in the future Equestria) and could convince her to see the error of her ways. Just like it happened in Snowfall Frost story.

    Ponies and Death
    By: Nightmare Muffin
    The series highly values friendship and reformation on villains who show signs of wanting to change- Discord, NMM, Starlight, Diamond Tiara and Gilda. However, a harsh punishment is inflicted on those who don’t- either banishment, like the sirens, imprisonment like Tirek, or outright death, like the Storm King or Sombra. While the latter may be a rare case taken only in extreme circumstances, I have to wonder- does anypony really mourn the bad guys who have to die in order to preserve the harmony Equestria has? None of them were born evil- they had families who no doubt grieved over their them when they stepped onto the path of evil and malice, and who grieve upon learning that their actions led them to being destroyed and taken out of their lives forever. Those families will come to realize that never will their loved one have a chance at redemption, or another moment spent with them, and might harbor resentment upon the ponies for delivering the final blow, or accept it. But do such thoughts linger over the ponies? I don’t think so, as they’re quick to party right after the death of the one person who couldn’t be saved.

    "Kirinposting" is Annoying
    By: Alcatraz

    We get it, you love Kirin. Do we constantly need reminders of it? Maybe it would be better to not post anything rather than just post Kirin up all night. Sometimes I wonder if we really are just following a crazy person who can't help but post ponies all day. Please cut back on it for the sake of all of us. At least Trixie was relevant for more than one episode.

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