• Equestria at War - 1.3 "Riverlands" New Mod Update for Hearts of Iron IV

    For anyone out there with Hearts of Iron on Steam, a new big update has been released for the Equestria At War mod. On top of already touting a bunch of new civilizations, hundreds of icons, loads of new art, and mechanics that line up more toward a pony fantasy world, this expansion introduces the ponies of the Riverlands, introducing their world to the already massive amount of stuff available.

    Head on down below for the general infos, and some links!

    Mod Features
    - A complete custom made map of the continents of Equestria and Griffonia, with cities, populations, histories, and detailed terrain.
    - 50+ nations with focus trees, each with their own unique combination of lore, focus trees, events and mechanics.
    - 300+ character portraits and 1000+ icons specifically made for this mod, with hundreds more drawn from across the MLP fandom and the HOI4 modding community.
    - Custom mechanics to represent the magical fantasy universe of MLP - magical equipment and resources, different races such as Changelings, Ponies, Undead, Griffons, Deer and Diamond Dogs, each with unique technology and special mechanics.
    - A rich interactive world of storytelling, featuring detailed political branches and complex events, totalling over 600,000 words of writing. (and a complete Russian translation too!)

    Other Information:

    Common Questions
    Do I need HOI4 DLC / Expansions to play this?
    No, the mod is compatible with the base game.
    I'm new to HOI4 - what do I need to know?
    Check out our primer on our Wiki.

    New Nations of the 1.3 Riverlands Release
    East of the Griffon Empire, at the fringes of griffon society, live the ponies of the Riverlands. Ousted by the crusading forces of the Empire, these ponies, having neither alicorns nor elements of harmony to safeguard them, were forced into a pact, bringing in together ponies of numerous backgrounds into the Coltstream Pact. Together, they form the River Coalition, prepared to face any reprisals from their old griffon foes.

    There are those within the Coalition that dream of a Riverlands united under a single federal power. However, with eight different member countries, each with its own goals and drives, only one can bring about a River Federation; Such a road shall be wrought with obstacles and troubles. Will it be forged by the Lake City of Jezeragrad, prosperous Rijekogard, the arcane Kingdom of Wittenburg, harmonious Pònaidhean, militant Nimbusia, or the industrious diamond dogs of Diamond Mountain? All are competing, but only one will realise those dreams…

    Meanwhile, to the north of the River Coalition, the isolated pony lands and island of Greneclyf, long since left to their own devices, are stirring to action. Ghostly whispers snake through the trees of the Firtree Villages, and rumour abound of a great incident that will befall those lands. Farbrook, on the other hoof, faces the prospect of industrialisation, and with it, the internal and external challenges of being the Star of the North. Their curious friends, the harmonious changelings of Greneclyf, have long sought to have a greater impact in the wider world, and their hives are abuzz with the hope of meeting new friends on the continent.

    From warmongers to pacifists, to traditionalists and visionaries, the Riverlands update will bring a wealth of new and unique nations to Equestria at War.