• EQD Pony Pumpkin Carving 2018 - The Pumpkins!

    As if Autumn Blazee wasn't going to be the ultimate pumpkin header. If she isn't a representation of 2018, I don't know what is.

    The time has arrived to post the pumpkins sent for the EQD 2018 pumpkin contest! Hopefully you all had fun carving them, and thanks again for giving the rest of us something awesome to look at.

    Head on down below the break for the pumpkins!

    1 Cozy Back Off O'latern - Ioncorupterx

    Art image 1
    My best Brony friend carved a pumpkin with me too and we both had neat ideas.
    Also long live crazy faces!

    2 Fluttershy Pumpkin! - Alex Koppari

    Art image 2

    3 Rarity and Twilight Cutiemarks - ElizaIsEpic

    Art image 3
    Carved the other Mane 6 cutiemarks too, but these turned out the best.

    5 Nirik Pumpkin - mystic2u

    Art image 5
    I know, I know..... kirin's are the flavour of unicorn / pony / creature at the moment, and so are their counterparts, Nirik, but I HAD to do them. They're so frickin' badass!

    6 Queen Chrysalis - Midnight Rush

    Art image 6
    Queen Chrysalis pumpkin

    7 The student six - Midnight Rush

    Art image 7
    The student six pumpkin 2018

    8 Derpy Pumpkin - Treble Bolt

    Art image 8
    First pumpkin I've carved in over decade! It's Derpy Hooves! XD

    9 - Nicholas Resar

    Art image 9

    10 Daybreaker JACK O' lantern - Directorstark

    Art image 10
    From the fiery side of Celestia

    11 Kirin Pumpkin - CrazyDitty

    Art image 11

    12 Rumble Pumpkin - archiveit1

    Art image 12

    14 Autumn Blaze Pumpkin - archiveit1

    Art image 14

    16 Flutterbat Pumpkin - Pegapnea

    Art image 16
    I was at a corn maze while on a little vacation, and they were selling pumpkins. I decided on a whim to get one, and later decided to carve something with shading for the first time. Somehow I became really dedicated to it; and with a big sharp pocket knife, a smaller dull knife, and a pen, I made a thing. It turns out whittling skills transfer over pretty well to carving. I think it took me ~10 hours, but I wasn't paying attention to the time.
    Unlit and side angles are on my DA for those interested.

    18 Every Bronies Fear - Bronytrainman/Benjamin Br0ny

    Art image 18
    This was my pumpkin that I carved with ioncorrupterX and I couldn't think of anything until this popped in my mind. I think I messed up a little bit on the way I carved it but I think it's still good enough you can understand it.

    19 Ponykin by "night" - Frith

    Art image 19
    Pony pumpkin in the bat cave with treats inside. The bats did not care for giant squash and the treats went uneaten. The stores were all out of fireflies in a jar so I used a battery powered LED array to light up the jack-o-lantern.

    20 Ponykin by day - Frith

    Art image 20
    After two days of it getting ignored by bats, I put the pony pumpkin outside into the cool fall air. I doubt anyone will guess that it's a pony, my coworkers thought I'd carved a bat.

    21 - Loud Taffy

    Art image 21

    22 Happy Glimmerween - DoctorNOP3

    Art image 22

    23 Cozy Glow pumpkin (EQD Annual Pumpkin Event 2018) - CMC_Scootaloo

    Art image 23
    Here is my new pony pumpkin for this year's Nightmare Night! This year, I decided for Cozy Glow. Originally, I was going to carve a different picture of her into the pumpkin, but this skull she had there..... It didn't leave my mind. It was too fitting and too perfect for Nightmare Night to not carve Cozy with this skull she treasures so much into the pumpkin.
    I sadly had to make it in a very tired state and only on a small pumpkin, because I waited too long with buying one this year and then the good ones were gone already, but considering these circumstances, I think it turned out well.

    24 - mystic2u

    Art image 24

    25 - MidnightRushPony

    Art image 25

    26 - MidnightRushPony

    Art image 26

    And if you want more pumpkins, check out the tag for all the pumpkin posts!