• 50+ of the Best Fanfics to Read for Cutie Mark Crusader Day!

    ("And this is the one where they ship you with your sister Sweetie Belle!")

    The Cutie Mark Crusaders have had a pretty huge amount of fanfics over the last few years. Have some of the best ones! Around 50 total. Thanks to Whisper Key for the compilation again. Head on down below the the break for the list sorted by genre.

    Slice of Life

    Splash Dash by Impossible Numbers

    While hiding from her sister's latest attempt to smarten her up, Sweetie Belle joins Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo at Ponyville's local river to have fun in the cool water. Together, they come up with a silly story explaining the origin of the infamous "Beauty Curse", a blight Rarity apparently suffers from.

    To Kill a Goddess by Emerald Flight

    Goddess is a genius. She's taken revolutionary strides in music the likes of which were previously unimaginable. She's brought some of the best music to ever see the light of day into the mainstream, and isn't going anywhere anytime soon. But her name? Her history? Still hidden in shadow. Mostly.

    But there are still huge chunks of her life that her fans are kept from, and that they want desperately to know. How easily can a musical megastar hide her secrets? More importantly - does she want to?

    The Unbearable Lightness of Being Sweetie Belle by Distaff Pope

    Hey, I'm Sweetie Belle, and this year at school is pretty much going to be the best ever. I mean, it has to be, since if it isn't, my friends will all leave me as soon as they get their cutie marks. Also, I have to deal with Diamond Tiara being in one of my classes, and she's pretty much as terrible as always. Plus, the teacher for that class is a big mean jerk. Oh! And apparently I'm not good at acting, making the list of things I am good at exactly zero. But besides the fact that my friends are probably going to leave me, my acting class hates me, and I'm not really good at anything, everything's great. It has to be. After all, this is the best year ever.

    The Sky is Big Enough for Both of Us by Seether00

    When Scootaloo and a new student get into a fight at school, it's up to Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle to teach her the importance of Griffon/Pony relations by reading the story of the first encounter between a Griffon huntress and a Pegasus soldier.

    A Feather in Her Cap by GaryOak

    By Scootaloo's age, Rainbow Dash had won countless competitions. As Ponyville's Annual Bounceball Competition approaches, Scootaloo dreams of following in her hoofsteps. Equipped with unquenchable determination and drive, she knows nothing will stop her... except, perhaps, herself.

    Little Apple by Oroboro

    Apple is a funny word, one that Winona doesn't quite understand.

    Her family uses it to refer to food, to trees, to themselves and to each other. It's all very inconsistent.

    But whether she understands it or not, she'll always be there for the pony she knows as Little Apple.

    Just Like Her by Bad_Seed_72

    Ever since the Sisterhooves Social, Sweetie Belle and Rarity's relationship has improved drastically. There are still days when Rarity is a bit busy, of course, and certain times when Sweetie doesn't quite get the hint.

    During one particularly stressful day, Sweetie Belle gets into Rarity's makeup. Rarity demands an explanation. The answer isn't quite as simple as one sister playing dress-up.

    Bitter-Sweetie by Inquisitor M

    Nopony knows the changes that time will bring, and neither Twilight nor Sweetie Belle could have guessed that their trials would have brought them so tightly together. Now, as Twilight draws closer to the end, Princess Celestia pays her a final, private visit, but the ramifications are huge and could change the course of Sweetie Belle's life without her ever knowing.

    Cutie Mark Clarity by ladydestinae

    As soon as they became the Cutie Mark Crusaders they knew exactly what their mission was. To get their Cutie Marks, whatever it took. It's what they didn't know that makes all the difference. Can their friendship survive the honest truth?

    Fly Away by ZAquanimus

    Many years have passed. Rainbow Dash left Ponyville to join the Wonderbolts. The Cutie Mark Crusaders are all grown up and now Scootaloo is following in Rainbow Dash's hoofsteps albeit with her own personal twist.

    The Serpent and the Apple by Count Numbers

    There comes a point in your life when you finally become aware of the road you're walking down, and where that road takes you. Where you realize the whole way's been mapped out for you in advance, and you never questioned it before. The moment where you first have to ask if you're okay with that.

    Spike and Apple Bloom just want to pull over for a bit and get wasted.

    Friend of a Not-So-Different Stripe by Pascoite

    While Apple Bloom works on her potions with Zecora, Twilight Sparkle drops by. The perfect afternoon! The potion dream team, and Zecora even starts telling stories. But with her, a story is never just a story.

    Hope Blooms by Bookish Delight

    The night before Babs Seed returns to Manehattan, Apple Bloom asks to talk.

    Really talk.

    About everything.

    An Apple Alone by Blue Thrush

    Apple Bloom is left to handle the majority of the work on Sweet Apple Acres since Applejack and Big Macintosh have to leave to help out on another family farm for a couple of weeks. Granny Smith is helping out wherever she can, but the majority of the labor rests in Apple Bloom's hooves. While she's not the inexperienced filly she was years ago, does the young mare have what it takes to run the Apple family farm in Ponyville while her two older siblings are away, or will the monstrous load of work be too much for her?

    Well Grounded by Cloudy Skies

    Bein a blank-flank filly is tough enough, something all the Cutie Mark Crusaders can attest to. When somepony points out that Apple Bloom has neither fancy magic nor awesome wings, the world can seem downright cruel. Fortunately, she's not alone, and Applejack knows a little story or two.

    Porcelain Secrets by Nathan

    On her way home, Apple Bloom discovers Spike rifling through Rarity's belongings. Heading in to confront the dragon, they accidentally knock over a priceless vase! Will they be able to cover it up or will suspicion tear the town apart?

    Sisterhooves Squirt by Vertigo-01

    For the first time in her life, Scootaloo has a reason to look forward to the Sisterhooves Social. At least, she thinks she does. It's just a matter of figuring out whether or not she can invite the pegasus she has in mind.

    Surely one of the posters scattered throughout town would have some details on the event, right?

    Foundations by PaulAsaran

    Rainbow Dash means the world to Scootaloo, who wants nothing more than to spend every day with her surrogate sister, learning from the best and being awesome together. Yet all that is about to end, possibly forever, and Scootaloo knows there's nothing she can do about it.

    The only thing left to do is say goodbye... but that's proving far harder than she ever imagined.

    Awaken, Scootaloo by xjuggernaughtx

    Dreams are such delicate things, and Scootaloo’s are more fragile than most.

    But in Equestria, dreams are protected. Sometimes a filly just needs a helping hoof to learn how to hope again.

    Dance! by OnTheMoon

    Scootaloo and her friends have long been crusading for their cutie marks, but after a long string of failures, Scootaloo is more desperate than ever. Desperate enough to try something as namby-pamby as - ugh - dancing. Will Scootaloo find that dancing's more fun than she expected, or will she end up once again covered in tree sap? Read this to find out!

    Scootaloo in Cloudsdale by Tamar

    After realising that Scootaloo has never been to Cloudsdale, Rainbow takes the filly to the citadel of the pegasi, much to Scootaloo's excitement.

    A short sketch for Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo; gentle friendshipping.

    The Importance of Being Earth Ponies by bookplayer

    Apple Bloom is left alone and bored while Scootaloo is learning to fly and Sweetie Belle is learning magic. Applejack sees that her sister feels less special because she's an earth pony, and decides to get Pinkie Pie's help in teaching the filly about why earth ponies are so important.

    Sweetie's Manehattan Birthday by Czar_Yoshi

    Rarity takes Sweetie Belle to Manehattan to celebrate her birthday. She has a whole day of fun planned out, but when Sapphire Shores gets herself in a pickle, it falls to the unprepared Coco Pommel to handle food, transportation, and entertainment... But mostly food.

    Heart-to-hearts, prank wars and general fuzziness ensue.


    Cutie Mark Crusaders Security Officers! by Bad_Seed_72

    After his staff of security officers come down with the billygoat flu, Iron Will desperately seeks replacements. With only a few hours before his seminar, he reluctantly hires four fillies to assist. Iron Will is skeptical, but he doesn't have much of a choice.

    But does he really have anything to worry about? After all, it's just an assertiveness seminar. His new hires will just have to check tickets. Security is easy, isn't it? Nothing bad will happen.


    Isn't this the CMC we're talking about?

    The Hiccups by uSea

    Disaster has struck three little ponies. Sweetie Belle has a terrible case of hiccups and it's up to her friends to find somepony to help before their fellow Crusader finds herself with a cutiemark for hiccuping... then they'd never stop!

    Apple Bloom and Scootaloo Go to a Movie by neutralmilk

    After Applejack tells Apple Bloom and Scootaloo not to see the hottest movie in Equestria, the two fillies take it upon themselves to sneak off and see it anyway. With a clever lie, their night is practically assured to go off without a hitch.

    The only thing they hadn't accounted for was the movie theater itself...

    Hearth's Warming Turkey by Titanium Dragon

    The Ponyville school is putting on this year's Hearth Warming play, and Diamond Tiara has given the Cutie Mark Crusaders their roles. Sweetie Belle seems happy enough working backstage, but Scootaloo doesn't like it one bit. She's no turkey! And who's ever heard of a Hearth's Warming turkey, anyway?

    But as Pinkie Pie explains, the Hearth's Warming Turkey played a crucial role in the founding of Equestria - and rock farming.

    A Lovingly Crafted Lunch by Daemon of Decay

    Scootaloo ends up with her father's lunch by mistake. Reality is almost destroyed in the process.

    Branch Management by PresentPerfect

    After the events at Winsome Falls, Scootaloo had thought her night terrors were over. But again and again, she keeps seeing the same things.

    The rustling in the trees.

    A talking forest in her dreams.

    Timberwolves, always at the edges of her sight.

    Just what in the hay is going on? Will Scootaloo ever have a good night's sleep again?

    Scootaloo Dies a Bunch by alexmagnet

    Scootaloo may just be the world's most unfortunate filly. She gets the short stick on everything. Of course, it just so happens that that short stick will always entail dying. It's a good thing she doesn't seem to notice that she dies a lot, otherwise things might start to get a bit complicated.

    Scootaloo's Parents by Carmine

    Every week, in secrecy, Scootaloo goes to her parent's house. She's afraid of other ponies finding out because her parents are rather... strange. But maybe things aren't as they seem, as her parents are about to tell her something that can turn her entire world upside down...

    Life Scoots and Then You Die by shortskirtsandexplosions

    Princess Luna visits Scootaloo in her dreams, telling her to face her fears again... and again and again and again and again and...


    Silicon and Fur: A Remembrance of Equestria by Crystal Moose

    [invalid integer] years after the events of the show, one pony wanders the decrepit streets of Canterlot, with only her memories for company.

    Warning: contains Sweetie Bot!

    What Is Left by OnionPie

    Five years of cheap thrills in the big city have left Sweetie Belle in bad debt with dangerous ponies. Forced to pay up, she returns to Ponyville to seek money from an estranged sister she loathes with a passion.

    Under Your Wings by Askesalsa

    Though Scootaloo normally appears to be a happy and lively little filly, every once in a while she reacts in a way that catches other ponies attention. Especially the ponies she spends the most time with, Rainbow Dash and her friends, seems to take notice of these little things.

    When she finally reacts in a way that cannot be ignored, it is up to Rainbow Dash to find out what terrible secret Scootaloo is really hiding.

    A New Harmony by Pascoite

    Twilight Sparkle has defeated Discord, but she lacked the discipline to do a proper job of it. He's ready for a rematch, but he's recruited three ponies to be his unwitting minions, and nopony will know he's behind it until it's too late. Everypony is in for some serious mind games.

    Stetson by Scribblestick

    Everypony has secrets, and Applejack is no different. Apple Bloom's looking for answers only her older sister can give, but Applejack doesn't want to talk. If her secrets came to light, she fears they could crush the filly who looks up to her with nothing short of admiration.

    Story of the Blanks by Aoshi Stark

    While on her way home from a day with her friends, Apple Bloom runs into Twilight on a trip to Zecora's hut. After insisting to join her, little Apple Bloom gets lost in the woods after chasing a mysterious mare hiding amongst the poison joak. She stumbles upon a town completely isolated within the Ever Free Forest, but something about this town just doesn't feel right...

    Apple Bloom's Family by HopeFox

    Applejack has never hid the fact that Apple Bloom is adopted - she was born after Applejack's parents died, after all. But she won't tell her who her parents are until she's older. Apple Bloom, of course, can't wait that long, and with the help of her fellow Crusaders, she's determined to find out the truth!

    The Rainbow Pony by Level Dasher

    In Equestria, legend tells of a pony, all the colors of the rainbow, who will grant the wish of a pony whose heart is true. Tread lightly, though, for it is not a wish to be made without careful consideration.

    The Rainbow Pony will grant a wish only if the wisher completes a unique task. Suffice it to say, these tasks are not what you’d expect.

    If the Rainbow Pony gives you something wrapped in noctis wings, you will automatically know your task—words need not be spoken.

    Some say that the pony’s colors on the outside compensate for the darkness on the inside, so think carefully before you attempt your task…

    And It Rained All Night by Vertigo-01

    Scootaloo has considered Rainbow Dash to be her big sister for years now. But on one night particular, she decides to let her in on an embarrassing, endearing secret.

    Dear Mom by Thak

    Life has been hard for Scootaloo.

    But can she overcome her struggles and find a way to go on?

    Will she want to once the truth is revealed?

    RUN by Stereo_Sub

    We were the summer-sunset-wind, warm and wild and untouchable.

    We were rulers of a crumbled-down kingdom, prince-and-princess of the sandstone sky.

    We were long-day shadows, stretching ourselves dark and blurry past our breaking points and more.

    We were pulsing breath-and-blood, flowing fast through veins of buildings and wide-open spaces.

    We were rebels rivals friends lovers runners...

    Until that moment, that second, when it all fell away.

    Little Talks by BronyDerp117

    After a near-death experience, Scootaloo has a little talk with an old and isolated stallion who just might open her eyes.

    A Package for Scootaloo by HiddenBrony

    Scootaloo often goes down into the fields of Ponyville to watch the one and only Rainbow Dash defy physics and gravity with her dangerous stunts that wow even the most talented of pegasi. However, a chance encounter with Ponyville's mailmare leads Scootaloo to confront issues long held in her heart.

    A story of Derpy and Scootaloo, of family, trials, and a sense of self-worth.

    Our True Colors by Donnys Boy

    Scootaloo has never really cared much for Pinkie Pie, and she definitely doesn’t like the way Pinkie calls her hero “Dashie.” But for some strange reason, Pinkie seems fixated on her and insistent on meddling in Scootaloo’s life. Whether Scootaloo likes it or not.

    Scootaloo's Dream by Captain_Waffle

    While Scootaloo performs for The Best Young Fliers Competition, she reminisces about her time with Rainbow Dash as a filly, their times spent learning and playing together.


    Small World by XenoPony

    After finally working up the courage to ask the mare of his dreams out on a date, Spike arrives only to find her preparing for a date with somepony else. Heartbroken, the dragon is left to wonder where he really fits in the world, and consider the fact that he may never win Rarity's heart. Little does he know that life has a surprise for him, in the form of Rarity's younger sister Sweetie Belle.

    The Play's the Thing by HMXTaylorLee

    Sweetie Belle is having a hard time coming to terms with telling her best friend and fellow Crusader Scootaloo that she likes her... as more than a friend, that is.

    Following her directorial debut, Cheerilee sees fit to give Sweetie Belle the reigns in directing the next school play - which just happens to be "Harmony's Flowers", a romantic tale about the relationship between star-crossed lovers, a unicorn and a pegasus during the tumultuous period surrounding the passing of a law allowing marriages between the recently unified races of ponies.

    With her feelings growing stronger, Sweetie Belle aims to use the play as a vehicle for telling Scootaloo her true feelings - what could possibly go wrong?

    "Good Morning, Scootaloo." by ugugg93

    A few weeks after Scootaloo's camping trip, and her experience with those nightmares, Luna's concern for the filly still persists. Intent on making sure that Scootaloo is alright, she goes to visit her one morning.

    (This takes place just after Sleepless in Ponyville)

    (No icky pedo-junk in here.)

    The Other Side by HopeFox

    Desperate to be free from Diamond Tiara's bullying, Apple Bloom wishes on a star and escapes to a new Ponyville, filled with strangely familiar colts and stallions. As a filly in a school full of colts, she comes to see a new side to both her friends and her enemies.

    Inspired by Conner Cogwork's "On a Cross and Arrow", but not intended to be part of the same world or follow the same story.

    Diamond Tiara Apple Princess by vamparity

    Apple Bloom's friends romanticize the idea of how special a first kiss is and how she'll remember it for the rest of her life.

    It'd be a shame if somepony messed that up for her.

    A real shame.

    The SweetieMash Chronicles by Justice3442

    The Cutie Mark Crusaders decide they need to expand their numbers, but things quickly go awry when their first target begins sobbing on the spot. Sweetie Belle soon finds herself roped into hanging out with the young colt.

    Can Sweetie Belle see past the young colt’s weirdness and allow friendship to bloom? Can Button Mash fake enough normal behavior to make at least one friend? Will these two hit it off, or are Button’s only friends destined to be the ones in his video games, forever?

    The Serenade of Silver Belles by Your Antagonist

    After a falling out with Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon is befriended by Sweetie Belle. However as time goes by, the silver-maned filly quickly learns that she has slightly-more-than-platonic feelings for her new friend, and that some ponies aren't above petty revenge. Can Silver Spoon's new found feelings survive public humiliation, petty grudges, and potential rejection?

    The Sweetest Gem by The Rarispy

    Sweetie Belle attempts to deal with the realization that she's developed a crush on Spike. Meanwhile, Spike's own feelings are in flux.

    Gentle Persuasion by Minds Eye

    Rumble has a special gift for Scootaloo's birthday. Now he just has to tell her about it.

    Flirt to the Finish by Mudpony

    When it looks like the CMC might actually have a shot at becoming Ponyville's flag carriers for the Equestria Games, Silver Spoon comes up with the ultimate plan to throw the Crusaders off their game: Have Diamond Tiara flirt with Scootaloo.

    An alternate take on "Flight to the Finish".

    Drama King by LuminoZero

    Sweetie Belle doesn't really understand why she decided to spend the day with the young colt. Most ponies saw him as a bit eccentric, but Sweetie sees something far more familiar and comforting in his odd-ball behavior.


    This Game of Mine by Swan Song

    Sweetie Belle, now a young lady in her preteen years, has secretly been turning to video games for relief from her insecurities. Now a talented member of an elite team of gamers from around the world, she has come to rely on her new friends for companionship and support as she bears the escalating pressures of her coming-of-age.

    But when a sudden gaming cutie mark reveals her secret to everyone she knows, she's forced to contend with her uncertainties over what it means for her future, along with a fresh wave of bullying at school, jealousy from her childhood friends, and mounting expectations from her family.

    As she takes her first unsteady steps into adulthood, she may learn that she's not the only one hiding a secret, and that her journey to self-discovery isn't one she need walk alone.

    Paint the Night with Stars by Lucky Dreams

    Luna thinks of a novel way to cheer up a distraught Sweetie Belle.

    Hell on Wheels by Saddlesoap Opera

    Scootaloo has always longed to fly. When she makes use of dangerous magic in pursuit of that dream, all of Ponyville — perhaps even all of Equestria — may have to deal with the consequences.

    The Jet Powered Pegasus by billymorph

    Anything can fly with enough force behind it, even Scootaloo. An adult and still flightless, Scootaloo poured everything into a jet powered suit to get her into the air. But, with her debts mounting and the Hearth's Warming Derby organisers frantically updating the rules to stop her ever racing again, she has to fly faster than ever before if she wants to keep her wings.


    The Motion of the Stars by Carabas

    Once upon a time, Equestria burned in the fires of war.

    Now it falls on two sisters to reclaim what they can.

    Moonlight by JasonTheHuman

    Strange nightmares are plaguing the ponies of Equestria.

    Somepony must help ponies to face their deepest fears, but unless Princess Luna is able to discover who—or what—is responsible, the nightmares may never end.

    Scootaloo is ready to prove that she can be as fearless as her big sister, Rainbow Dash, even if it means never having a peaceful night's sleep again.

    Sweetie's Mansion by Moon Shooter

    When a mansion appears out of nowhere in the outskirts of town, The Mane 6, are all invited to a housewarming by Specter Yield, the owner of the strange mansion. Hours after they leave to attend the party, the Cutie Mark Crusaders find themselves in this mansion. Eventually, Sweetie Belle finds herself alone in this massive mansion, trying to save her friends, and discovering the truth behind this haunted mansion. Will she be able to rescue her friends... and possibly all of Equestria from the ghostly presence?

    Codex Ponera: Cliffside Eyrie by Pepperbrony

    Apple Bloom was simply trying to live out her life with her adoptive family. You know: grow up, earn her cutie mark, master a furycraft or two, help bring in the harvest, that sort of thing. Until one day, aged thirteen and still with neither mark nor fury, she is thrown into the metaphorical deep end when she learns of a plot to start a war with the griffons. Can she find a way to preserve peace, even when there are warmongers on both sides?

    A fusion-style crossover fic, combining My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic with Jim Butcher's Codex Alera, a world in which everyone has the ability to commune with and control at least one of the six types of furies, the spirits of nature.

    Discordant by ezra09

    Hearth's Warming Eve has come once again, which means fun in the snow, warm food, and spending time with family. At least, that's what it means for most ponies. For Scootaloo it means a day off from crusading, loneliness, and the coldest night of the year. When Discord begins to whisper to her from his stone prison, she questions the beliefs held by many. What was so great about Harmony? What could be so bad about a world where chocolate milk fell from the sky?

    Ten Years Flat by mimezinga

    A grown up Scootaloo has to deal with her ghosts and the legacy of a nearly unreachable master.

    Emberwolf by Lucky Dreams

    It's the week before Hearth's Warming, and Scootaloo is curled up in front of the fireplace, drinking hot cocoa and reading a Daring Do novel.

    And then the fireplace starts speaking to her.