• RuBronyCon Day 2 Program: Cosplay Contest and Musicians Lineup

    RuBronyCon has a new update out talking about their cosplay contest and musician lineup for everyone planning on attending. Head on down below the break to read about it! They also have a cute bat OC, which is required if you want to run a good convention.

    The time has come to reveal, what you will get to see and hear on November 25th on the main stage at Theater club!

    The second day of the convention starts with a Cosplay Show under the changeling banners. Cosplay Show is an event, where all those who signed up can show the world their impersonation abilities.

    Expect lots of beautiful costumes and exciting performances… And if you are a cosplayer and haven’t applied to the Show yet, head over here.

    Coming up next, the Sirens and their henchmen will fill the place with rhythms of music. Five brony bands will make you move your hooves to the beat.

    For the opening act, EnergyTone will warm the place up with cheerful punk-rock about our favorite characters.

    The show will continue with an international collective, The Seapony Orchestra, a group of bronies driven by the common goal of bringing live orchestral music to the pony stage.

    Sadly The Seapony Orchestra could not show up in its entirety. So if you happen to know how your way around strings, wind, or key instrument and have time to practice before the con, here’s an opportunity to join the crew for the upcoming performance! If you’re interested in joining them for RuBronyCon and possibly beyond, head over to their Discord server and let them know!

    Next on our list is one of the oldest bands of the Russian brony community, Bronikoni. Coming all the way from from Saint Petersburg, these veterans of dozens of pony and multifandom cons will kill the stage with their renditions of show songs, iconic songs from non-pony shows, and their originals.

    Our next band needs no introduction. Przewalski’s Ponies are well-known both at home and abroad, and once again they will share their timeless hits with you. Prepare to party hard!

    And last but not least, the griffons will take the stage. Gryphon Rush, the eternal wanderers of the unbeaten tracks, will take the second day of RuBronyCon to its climax with the Appleloosan banners high in the air.

    Full event schedule is soon to be announced, so keep your eyes out for upcoming news.

    Get your tickets here, and make this weekend truly memorable!

    Have questions about RuBronyCon? Go ahead and contact us here: