• RUBronyCon Charity Auction Detailed

    For anyone attending or thinking of attending RuBronyCon, their charity auction details have been released. Head on down below if you create or want to buy things!

    It’s time to tell you about the auction at “RuBronyCon’18”.

    Once again, we are changing the established traditions. This time, for the first time in Russian Ponycon history, some of the money gathered from the auction will go to support a good cause.

    This year we are supporting EquiHelp, a Moscow-based shelter for sick and old horses that are facing a slaughterhouse or are in need of urgent veterinary care. Since 2003, this organization has been taking care of these gentle giants, nurturing them back to health, and finding them good homes and caring owners. During its 15 years of work, the organization has cured and found homes for several hundreds of horses.
    However no auction can happen without items to auction out. Got a quality item you’d like to get the best price for and help an equine or two in the meantime? All you need to do is three simple steps.

    • Read the auction rules here
    • Take quality pictures of your item
    • Fill in the application form here

    The deadline for applications is November 17th, 23.59 MSK.

    We will contact you about our decision later, and if your item is accepted, we are looking forward to seeing it get the best hammer price on November 24th at RuBronyCon Charity Auction.

    Thanks to Шуш for the wonderful artwork.

    Get your tickets here, and make this weekend truly memorable!

    Have questions about RuBronyCon? Go ahead and contact us here: