• "My Little Sweet Heart" - Thai's Visual Novel Pony Dating Game releases Pinkie Pie trailer

    It's been nearly a year since the last trailers were released for this Thailand pony dating sim, showing off Rarity and before that Rainbow Dash. Now they have a new trailer released for Pinkie Pie so it appears that work is still going well on the project.

    Check on after the break for more details from the team as well as the new trailer!

    Over the 4 years from this project started, "My Little Sweet Heart" Visual Novel Pony Dating Game from the organizers of ThailandPonyCon, Now this project come to a final process, by announcing new trailers: "Pinkie Pie Story" A Party Pony! Where ''the Player'' can go on a date with her and gets a life he has never seen before. In the end becoming her lover and decide to stay in Equestria. 

    Get ready for the light visual novel game which will warm your heart. Will you be able to prove your true love with your favorite pony, even though you are a human? "My Little Sweet Heart" includes 6 characters, 6 stories, different Player choices, immersive gameplay comprise with stories and minigames. The best is, you can have time to play around 3 - 10 Hour for 1 character! 

    Coming soon to you, 2019 on PC. Follow news and project updates by here > https://www.facebook.com/MyLittleSweetHeartGame/

    Twitter: Calpain