• Hasbro Announces "Difficult Changes" Are Underway That Effect "A Single Digit Percent" of Employees

    The Providence Journal based out of Rhode Island has popped an article up about some internal going-ons happening at Hasbro. While they haven't confirmed any kind of specifics yet, they did note that they would be making difficult changes that would effect "a single digit percentage" of their workforce.

    The Journal also notes that Hasbro has not filed a WARN notice, which is essentially an announcement 60 days before laying off 50-499 employees that Rhode Island based companies are required to file, though many speculate that they are indeed coming.

    TFW2005 speculates that this is duee to poor performance in the Transformers and Star Wars brands, along with the closure of Toys R' Us.

    Hopefully more information arrives toon!

    Thanks to Quentin for the heads up.