• Discussion: The Twilight Sparkle Freakout

    Best Gift Ever brought with it one of the best parts of Twilight's character - the freakout. No one stresses quite like bookhorse does. He completely off-the-wall way of reacting to sometimes simple situations has made her very relatable to loads of fellow anxiety-prone people around the fandom.

    Personally, I think this and her nerdgasms over libraries and books will be two of the defining characteristics that set her up in the halls of cartoon character fame. It really sets her apart from other typical nerdy personalities you see in other shows. She's just that good at it.

    What do you all think? Is this part of the reason why she's so well loved? Or are there other features of her characterization you latch on to?

    Discuss below! Or just comment on how awesome that freakout was in Best Gift Ever.