• Bonus Music #152

    It's bonus music time once again! There's a heap of more chilled out tracks alongside some remixes of classics and a couple of awesome vocal pieces too. Check it all out below!

    [1] Source
    Vylet Pony - Wishing Well
    Vocal - Ballad

    [2] Source
    MC-Arch & Namii - Gaurdian Angel (Feat. Koron Korak)
    Vocal - Hip Hop

    [3] Source
    Lukas Vokrinek - Luna's Dreamland
    Instrumental - Orchestral

    [4] Source
    Zephysonas - Tales of Nowhere
    Instrumental - Orchestral

    [5] Source
    AstralAmity - For Harmony (feat. Sable Symphony)
    Vocal - Electronic

    [6] Source
    Toby Macarony - Hurricane Fluttershy (Remix)
    Instrumental - Hands Up

    [7] Source
    Game-BeatX14 - Dark Magic
    Instrumental - Trance

    [8] Source
    F 109 - Sunshower Amemoia
    Instrumental - Ambient/Experimental

    [9] Source
    Omnipony - Clouds (Twibug Remix)
    Instrumental/Vocal Chops - Electronic


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